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2015 Jeep Renegade Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Finding a small, affordable SUV that can go off-road is tough. The Jeep Renegade fills that niche, as well as serving up Jeep styling cues in a smaller, more economical footprint.

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  1. This is one of those niche cars.m that in a few years ppl will be like why did i buy this? Its like the pt cruiser, Pontiac aztek. Looks cool now but not down the road

  2. It has a Skoda Yeti body but with Jeep/Chrysler Styling and Design and it is built in Italy . 
    It's Ok in the back of the car but the front it is pretty ugly i have to say . 

  3. Another Fix It Again Tony entry from King Sergio and his minions, good luck if you decide to buy one of these!

  4. Jeeps are shit! Get a Land Rover Hell a jeep couldn't even tow my Land Rover LMFAO. Land Rovers have better ground clearance 12 inches to be exact, Can tow 8000 Pounds, Twice as powerful if not triple, In 4WD 24/7, Luxurious AF, Put a Land Rover next to a jeep and it will make it look like a little kids toy haha

  5. Farewell, Jeep a American Icon 
    Jeep; your life with us will always be remembered. You have been the perfect vehicle to everyone you came across since you were born.
    You will always be remembered for the different things you are to one and all. Sadly we gather today to say goodbye. No longer will we gather to rejoice your clean rugged styling, your strength, your American true grit – gone all gone. Replaced by an automotive abortion with a name badge from a communist country known for the very worst in automobiles …….  one more American Legend bites the dust.  

  6. Good looking vehicle. Would consider it as a winter vehicle. I'll be it looks great on those hydraulic lifts at the repair shop.

  7.  We have an Italian car, with a German ZF 9 speed transmission being controlled by american/italian computers powered buy a Korean engine that Chrysler ripped off from Hyundai. Hyundai, Chrysler, and Fiat all enjoy super low reliability ratings so I'm going to guess that this isn't going to be a good long term investment. Honda is using this ZF transmission in the new TLX and they are having issues with it. Germany isn't exactly know for is reliable automatic transmissions (cough cough) Volkswagen. Brand loyal dummies and pretentious middle-aged women that are too good to ride lower to the ground will buy this like crazy. I can't wait for Fiat to sell off Chrysler like everyone else has. Chrysler should just close up for good. I know, I know what about the jobs. What about them? This abomination of a car is the first US market jeep to be made over-seas. The Italians can have Chrysler. And if Ford is unable finally make a car that isn't at high risk for catching fire or hurting/killing people, the Europeans can have Ford too.

  8. seriusly, not even consumer reports has any mention of fuel efficiency, it must be really bad for everyone to keep ignoring it, but I thought CR would be more objective

  9. Slap a Honda emblem on it and get rid of the shitty Chrysler engine and you have something special.My grandmother's 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee had 6 recalls on it in less than a year of owning it.She ended up trading that POS in for a fully loaded Hyundai Santa Fe.

  10. Thank goodness Fiat is here. Finally we can get cars built without 12 pak..lunches like the Fords and GM.

  11. Let us never forget, Ford,GM and Chrysler all were headed to bankruptcy because of decades of poor quality. Fiat saved Chrysler and quality and sales have skyrocketed since. Love my perfect Fiat 500s. Best snow drivers ever.

  12. Like this a lot actually… Will lease.. Not sure i want to be stuck with fiat/Chrysler for long term

  13. I pay for your website, yet on YouTube I get nice HD. On your site, the quality is FAR from even SD! Nice review tho.

  14. The programming that Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge did to that 9 speed will be an endless headache.

  15. An Italian jeep with that crap 9 speed automatic. Hey, at least Jeep will give you 4 or 5 transmissions before you dump it. Bad programming and a known slip ring issue. Just like the new Cherokee, they rushed this into production.

  16. I thought the design looked childish at first but it's growing on me, really like the way it looks in blue

  17. I'm still wondering why Jeep built the Renegade. I know they want to have piece of the Small SUV market, but the technically have the much nicer looking Compass already for that. The Renegade just looks like a Kia Soul reject.

  18. For all the negative Post!! I owned a 2006 Grand Jeep Cherokee for 9 years with No issues. Basic service, tires and out of the 9 years I replaced the brakes once!!! I had 158,000 miles on it when I traded it in Christmas Eve 2015 for  Jeep Renegade.. Smooth drive, comfortable and per my husband who is a mechanic.. 9 speed auto was the choice for us for our driving habits!! Don't know it until you try it, all cars have issues!!! If you don't like it, find something that fits you.

  19. Built on a fiat frame? Shame on you Jeep! 9 speed auto tranny is garbage. Leaking head gasket on a brand new vehicle. Unacceptable! Check engine light for air fuel ratio that no shop can fix? At least 15 trips for this light to shop in less than 20,000 miles? Over 1,000 miles put on my jeep test driving it in the shop? Whole top end of engine rebuilt? New injectors needed on a brand new car? Top that off with Chrysler being unwilling to offer any viable solution? Lemon law here I come! Arbitration? You bet! Lawyer? For sure! So disappointed it has come to this.

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