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2015 Volvo V60 review | Consumer Reports


The Volvo V60 brings Volvo station wagons back to America. Sleek and shapely, the V60 gives up some practicality compared to boxy Volvo wagons in the past. But it’s more fun to drive and economical. Check out our list of Best Wagons & Minivans: http://bit.ly/1gKkrKm

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  1. newer wagons have too many blind spots,
    everything is too thick the pillars , the tiny rear corner windows , i don't think it looks cooler like that i like my wagons to have huge windows and tiny pillars .

  2. everything makes sense in this car but the sticker price, tops around $55k+ that's base X5 territory

  3. Wagons are the best! I was so bummed when Subaru dropped the five-door WRX…I still am actually. 🙁

  4. I like this guy's attitude. Just have an issue with his appraisal of the CTS. While it might drive great, it's still "ass" inside vs the germans.

  5. Why Volvo? Why would you put a T5 on a 4-cyl? I love this vehicle, and that wouldn’t stop me from buying it by any means, but you’ve got to stay consistent. Should have badged it T4.

  6. I like this wagon but it's overpriced.  I have a budget for a CrossTrek XV but this is the wagon I pine for. 😀

  7. Meh, I've really become disappointed with Volvo in recent years… Looks like a Forester XT will still be replacing my Saab after all…

  8. I love wagons — especially while currently living in Germany.  Crossovers just can't get over 100 on the autobahn without REALLY sucking down the gas.  That's why everyone here drives wagons — even when pulling a horse trailer!  Look at this cars profile — just as aerodynamic as the sedan, with more room.  And very affordable compared to the 3 series and 5 series (only available outside US) wagons.

  9. It's sized for dogs. And with the retractable net barrier it's flexible in where you put them. Seats down, or seats up.

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