Home Car Review 2016 Acura ILX : His Turn – Her Turn Expert Car Review

2016 Acura ILX : His Turn – Her Turn Expert Car Review


2016 Acura ILX : His Turn – Her Turn Car Review

The ILX has the Acura DNA – Performance, proportion, prestige

This is an entry level luxury is one of the fastest growing segments

About Acura ILX:
Premium content, great performance
Emphasis on sport
Lower and wider

New engines –
3.5L V6 with a better torque curve
2.4L I-VTEC DI engine (same as TLX)
201 hp. 180 torque
8 DCT transmission
MPG: 25 city / 36 hwy. / 29 combined

Significant changes to the suspension and body

A Spec Trim package – adds more sport to the car, bigger wheels, unique interior, aluminum pedals, and more attitude. A-Spec offers more sport and more attitude. 18″ 10-spoke wheels, spoiler and side sills and fog lights. Interior- A-Spec offers red gauges instead of white
Audio system: on demand multi use display, 8″ inch screen with 7″ screen touch screen controls. All new iPhone Navi link Display audio cable with $99 and $60 app. Allows you to run it through your phone and show on your screen

AcuraWatch – It’s radar backup for your blindspot. A high-tech tape measure to the detected car ahead of you. It’s reassurance on busy highways and crowded parking lots. Braking assistance when events unfold too quickly.

Forward collision warning system
Adaptive cruise control
Collision mitigation braking system
Lane departure warning system
Lane keeping assist system
Road departure mitigation
Blind spot information system
Multi-view rear camera with dynamic guidelines
Cross traffic monitor

Audio includes SiriusXM, BlueTooth, Pandora, HD radio and USB jack.
Siri eyes free links to the talk button down to activate the phone. Plus touch screen controls for audio system.

Packages available:
Standard base package with nice features
Remote engine start
AcuraWatch Plus
premium package
Tech plus pkg.
A-Spec package

NHTSA 5-star overall and IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

Built in Marysville, OH

6 color choices

Driving impressions:
Confident brakes
Quiet cabin
Tight handling
Comfortable ride
Fuel efficient
Fast and smooth shifts
Firm steering feel

Hotly competitive segment as an entry level luxury segment:
Audi A3 FWD
Mercedes CLA
Lexus CT
BMW 2 series

Youthful, premium, sporty and sophisticated
Directed toward millennial buyers (20-30 years old)

Prices start at $27,000 an attainable price point

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Car Courtesy of Acura
Destination: Sonoma, CA
Music: by AudionautiX.com
Disclosure: Free Royalty Music

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  1. Great review you guys! I like that you all compliment each others commentary styles. Continue to make great videos. Could you all do a comparison test with all the cars in the entry level luxury segment? That wouls be stupendous!

  2. your review are very informative, question for you, I'm looking into buying the 2016 A-spec trim, canada price $35000, a-spec trim offer a lots of safety features, navigation and the 18inch wheel but I also like the 2015 audi a3 1.8 it only has 6speed dual clutch and the price here $32600 and it doesn't offer much things not even a back up camera, if I needed to add all the features it jumps to a difference point, I test drove the A3 1.8 it was good, did not the new ILX.
    Which car should I go for it,?since I like both, I'm sure you drove both cars which one has a better power train?
    Which is a better value? 

  3. Napa Valley of Southern California: Sounds like Boomer wine tasting country to me. Unfortunately, the people who will be buying this car WON'T be aging boomers, those folk want Audi cars, so instead they should have taken a test drive of this car in a place where 25-something normally hang-out, not wine and cheese country. The new ILX is now like the Civic Si instead of the base Civic, that plus a much nicer interior than the Civic.The Baby Boomers are now so old that they are DYING LIKE FLIES. At work 2 out of 10 have died just this year alone (2015) from natural causes (stroke, heart attack), so if Acura is planning on selling these to the Boomers; THINK AGAIN. Think of the 2016 ILX as a really luxurious Civic Si that comes with an automatic transmission for the lazy types. The Boomers are not going to buy this car because they are TOO FAT for such a small car and want a larger Audi / Mercedes, and the younger people (under 35 types) want something that is FUN to drive, like a Mustang or Genesis Coupe.

  4. I like how his name is Paul Brian! Don't get it? Paul Walker acted as Brian O'Connor in the Fast & Furious franchise! RIP Paul Walker!

  5. Decent review. The only thing is, there is no driving footage. No frills, no fun. The review could include some spirited driving footage and reactions. Just like the guys at Motortrend, Caranddriver, etc. Not bad though.

  6. Love the review, very informative and hit all the highlights I too noticed in my Test Drive. 

    Its upgraded in every way over the previous ILX for sure. While the previous ILX even in Type S configuration felt like a soft version of the Civic SI, this new ILX even in its base configuration now stands tall above all its Civic cousins Si included.

    If it costs more then a 25K Si, it has to perform better, and indeed the new ILX does that and more. While still being more comfortable, with more tech, and more MPG to boot…

  7. Hi Lauren. It was a pleasure meeting you in Cincinnati. Truly enjoy the format of your video, talk-show-review style. Love it! Catch you around the water cooler. Parks.

  8. nice car; too bad they don't make a coupe variant.  lexus and audi have 'em.  the NSX doesn't really count, unless you can spend 150K.

  9. Own a 2016 Acura ILX and I love it!  Seats are so comfortable they feel like they were designed by a chiropractor.  A couple of years ago I did not even know what Acura is.

  10. I got this car about 3 months ago, and I'm having an amazing experience with the car! Absolutely love the performance, technology, and the useful features that the car has. Highly recommend this car to first time buyers looking for luxury with a competitive price range!

  11. Just got this car five days ago and love it. It rides great, is pretty quiet and the drive train is super. The 201 hp engine with the dual clutch 8 speed transmission is very impressive. Not as fast as my 2013 TL was but would't expect it with the TL's 280 hp engine. The transmission shifts so smooth you barley can feel it. So far my GPM is showing 30.3 with just 306 miles on it. This is mu second Acura and probably not the last. Try it, you'll like it.

  12. What about the transmission?? You can't buy them used right now, they are on Stop Sale for used because of the Tekata recall. Lots of people are having transmission problems with the new transmission. No coverage on this.. Abrupt issues in downshifting into 1st. My boss got one and said this happens every month. Feels like you're being hit from behind. Same problem transmission as the higher end model. No research on this?? These issues have been out for a while…

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