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2016 BMW X5 Review | Camerons Car Reviews


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  1. One thing I've noticed that BMW put a higher unlock/lock beep on this car. My dad has a 2009 BMW X5 and the unlock/lock has a little more of a lower beep.

  2. It's almost laughable and totally ridiculous that BMW does not include a rear backup camera an standard equipment for the X5 that costs well over $55K to start with.  Even a $15K car has rear backup camera as a standard equipment.  And you wonder why the Japanese dominates auto sales in the world.

  3. I watched Cameron's review of the new Audi Q7 and from the information in the 2 reviews, the Q7 seems vastly superior to the X5. Maybe the X5 is cheaper…did anyone hear what the X5 price is?

  4. BMW really needs to get rid of those kidney grills and make the backup camera standard like every car.

  5. its not cheap if you want the 50 I fully loaded.I personally take this over the gls and q7 because you get the best of both woulds because you get a really fast suv and a nice interior but its awd system is still behind Mercedes 4 matic and I have a family and I Don't wanna get stuck so with having a family I would get the gls 550 4 matic with the night package and get it fully loaded.but if I did not I would get one x5 50i fully loaded and ond gls fully loaded.

  6. Nicely done with one exception to something you said, this X5 as do both white ones have the fully adaptive bi-led headlights I have one and it has those same headlights and it was an option on mine but this one does not have the standard bi-xenon hid headlights.

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