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2016 BMW X5 xDrive 40e Car Review


BMW installs a plug-in hybrid powertrain in its biggest SUV. Offering a painless way to use less gasoline it also helps to meet those pesky governmental requirements.

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  1. Good review Tom thanks, very pricey for average person a $80k car must be for the 1% I read about.

  2. Hi Tom! Will you be able to review a Tesla? Watched your videos regarding hybrids and plug-ins but no Tesla.

  3. Hi Tom, great review. I just sold my 2-year old 520d; how comfortable would you figure the backseats are on longer trips in this X5? Thanks so much!

  4. Great video! I added it to the "BMW X5 40e videos from around the world" playlist on my channel. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. we need to know which is the better luxury hybrid suv . Mercedes Gle550E? Porsche cayenne? Volvo xc90? Lexus rx350?

  6. Om my x5 hybrid 2016 i getting about 15 miles full ev mode, i get to 115km/hr on electric mode (will verify this again), I am running 95 octane Premium gasoline want switch to 92octane gas, on the gas tank it states 91-95 ron gasoline. Any one using lower octane gasoline?

  7. pff LExus did it 15 years ago and is still class leader in SUV Hybrids
    ….my 2010 is not a plug in but it is in city often in electric mode
    only and has 2 ! e motors which also function as generator when
    coasting. In these conditions and ECO mode i manage 6- 6.5ltr/100km
    with max 80km/h. What i like most is its nice 3.5ltr V6 which runs
    smooth and quite with enough power when you need it ! On Autobahn it
    still can go up to its limiter (200km/h) uphill !

  8. I’m at the end of my 3 year lease on my 2016 X5 40e. With only 18k miles I’ve averaged 625-800 miles per tank fill up. (I actually kept receipts & records of the mileage.) The original sticker price was just over $70k & I absolutely love the many features, quality, style & solid construction of the vehicle so I’m looking to purchase it. Plus, within the first month of leasing it, I had a level 2 charging station installed in my garage, so I could always top off the charge for short trips. You get only 20 “e-miles” technically, but in the Sport mode, regenerative braking supplements the charging. I actually will toggle through the various driving modes; Eco-Pro, Comfort & Sport, as well as, Save, Auto & e-Drive every time I drive. Instead of braking, you can go into Comfort mode, then Sport to slow down the vehicle. Maybe I’m the only one doing this, but I like working the buttons while driving and I feel it maximizes my mpg & saves on the brake pads.

  9. NIce review keep it up tom , but does any one know that this car is full of crap! I own a 2018 model and this car has been in garage for 3 months in 2 years apart of its regular maintenance so imagine.

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