Home Car Review 2016 Cadillac CT6 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

2016 Cadillac CT6 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The 2016 Cadillac CT6 takes aim at the best luxury sedans. With an increased focus on driving dynamics, the CT6 delivers a nimble, quiet ride that rivals the German competition.

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  1. Actually we don't want buttons, "intuitive" or not. Tesla has proved that buttonless ergonomics can be executed extremely well.

  2. For 70k you are looking at an Escalade instead of this car, which will decrease in Value much quicker than the more upscale and longer lasting Escalade.

  3. very nice car, nice interior, and beautifully shaped. however, we are not sure about out the reliability, because Cadillacs are not that reliable. plus they depreciate really quick. so in other words, don't pay 73k when you can wait for a year and then you can get it for 53k.

  4. So does the CT6 mean that this is the small CTS platform? That would be closer to a 5-series or E-class rather than 7-series or S-class. What happened to the STS as the big four door sedan?

    (No sarcasm intended, I owned a Northstar STS in 2006.)

  5. That rear overhang is huge! The dimensions just look off to me, like they tried to make a big car on a small wheelbase.

  6. I also noticed the indicator stalk is at the wrong angle. It should be at 9 o'clock but it's at 10 o'clock and how many times do you use the indicator over the lifetime of a car? Details, details. ..

  7. it seems like old people dont like cue. im 29 and have a 2015 ats and i love cue its pretty easy for me to use.

  8. If it were me, I'd take out that damn TTV6 and shoehorn in an LS7 with the Z51 Handling Package. Just not a fan of forced induction.

    For the time being, I'd get just the 3.6 NAV6.

  9. She says that it is a problem that the seat controls don't light up? Um, why the fuck would the light up? They are crammed down in between the seat and the door where they always are. A place where your instinct will send you for seat controls. There's nothing to see. Smh people kill me.

  10. Seat controls aren't lit? Really ? Who looks at their seat controls ? you go by feel that's why they have that unique shape

  11. "Question is, will anyone buy it?" I went to the dealership today, I'll be ordering a Platinum CT6, It will go nicely next to my Escalade 🙂

  12. Interior is beautiful. I'm not a fan of the cue infotainment system though. Mine went out in my ATS a few weeks ago right after the warranty.

  13. every con was was very subjective. I myself, don't need illuminated seat controls ffs….lol. man I wish I could buy this beauty. Cadillac lover since my 1st car, which was an 85 el dorado.

  14. glad to see they are getting back to old school luxury AND size, the way a real American luxury sedan should be.can't wait for the CT8/CT9 to come out…

  15. Awesome review and I love that Cadillac has stepped their game up the last 2 to 3 years! I'm starting to love Cadillacs again.

  16. Acura and Infiniti wish they had this cars their flagship… Not sure what those two brands are doing.

  17. The car is great and completely trounces the Lincoln Continental but at this price point you need some brand prestige which frankly I don't think Cadillac has quite yet. The lower pricing should help; that's how Lexus first gotten around with its LS400 back in the 90s.

    Cadillac now needs long term investment; build quality cars, undercut prices vs. competition and maintain reliability standards.

  18. Acura had better go back to the drawing board to redesign and re-engineer their silly RLX. In addition to other makes, I've been driving Acuras for years, but the current offerings just leaves me cold. There is a CT6 in my future.

  19. Sorry but I will take my Lexus any day of the week and it will last 3 times as long as any Cadillac

  20. "and the seat controls aren't lit." You really fudged up this time, Cadillac.

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