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2016 Chevrolet Malibu Brief Travel | Purchaser Experiences


Chevrolet takes a huge stage ahead in 2016 with the redesigned Malibu. This family sedan provides sweeping new appears to be like, a silent cabin and a composed experience. But does it break new floor?

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  1. Fucking bs. The rear is almost identical to that of the newest Impala. It's like Hollywood of today, they're running out of ideas for new films so they remake movies over and over and over and over and over. The execs at Hertz, Enterprise and Alamo will be pleased though.

  2. I'll stick with Hyundai. '89 Excell was O.K. A few problems here and there , but easy to fix. Got wrecked at 101K miles.' 99 Accent minor problems. Again, easily fixed. Still driving it at 164K miles. Getting ready to do its 3rd timing belt . 2010 Accent , not a days trouble except for the dealer needing it back for 2 updates. 50K miles on that one. 2013 Sonata is my business car . One recall to replace a transmission cable clip and an update to the Bluetooth system. 52K on that one. Oh , did I mention that except for warranty, I do my own maintenance and repair ?

  3. More pleasant than a Honda Accord? How much did Europeans pay you to make that reference?  Consumer Reports = European favoritism in America.

  4. Currently my 2006 Camry SE is in the shop being repaired due to an accident, so I am driving a 2016 Malibu LT rental. Although Chevy has gone a long way, and it is better built than previous Chevy's I have driven, my 10 year old Camry with over 100K is still way better from a driving and quality perspective. The only time I would really want to drive this car is if I am renting, and my choice is between this and a Chrysler 200…which absolutely sucks. Can't wait to get my Camry back

  5. I looked at the 2015 Malibu before purchasing a Camry XSE (2015) 4 cylinder. I didn't take it out for a test drive as I just didn't like the interior all that much and as an aging model I wasn't given a fantastic discount when I asked about pricing. Looked @ the Accord but to get leather navigation and pushbutton start it was about $2,000 more than the Camry (albeit it seemed like a slightly better car).
    I hope this car gets a warm welcome and good reviews. I think to get anywhere it needs to be a bit better and slightly cheaper than its Japanese competitors.

  6. Excuse me but did this guy just say that the one he's driving is the top of the line? "Ahem no LED's" the corolla has standard LEDs

  7. Chevy has lost my business. I still have and enjoy my 2008 Malibu LT2 with a 3.6 V6. 273 HP, 6 speed, paddle shifters and a good stereo system with xm satellite radio. Now there is 4 cylinder engines in 3500lb cars, fussy infotainment systems and a pricier base price than either the Camry or Accord.

  8. One would expect an impovement after the billion dollar Government Motors bailout. At the end of the day, its still a Chevy/GM. Don't be fooled by the pretty wrapping. Like a beautiful woman, it can be superficial.

  9. LOL CR! What basic trim level car doesn't look and feel like a rental car inside? They act surprised at this. The Camry LE also looks and feels rental grade with it's cheap plastic hub caps and cheap gray interior and wafer thin headliner1

  10. Great job Chevrolet. Now us mechanics will have to replace engine and turbos by the dozens=fat wallet $$$$$$ The 2.2 ecotecs gave us lots of work.

    I used to hate American cars till I realized that I made a living from them.

  11. people here ranting about the malibu
    South American market gets the crappy onix/prisma, spin, cobalt (not the same as us cobalt), spark (the daewoo badged), and aveo
    we are lucky if they put 2 airbags, and the A pillar doesn't bend at a fender bender

  12. The temperature will be the same or 1 degree different as when you turned on the app. If anyone needs to know the exact temperature +/- 1 degree at all times, they need to buy a separate thermometer to install themselves. Solved that problem. Can't solve the little kink in the chrome going down the c pillar though…it looks odd.

  13. Rental grade??? All cars are rental grade if you choose. My wife has this and she loves it. 1.5 litre hwy mileage 44-45 .

  14. smaller engines tho..I have the body style b4 that one 2.5 Lt. my only complaint is back seat leg room..but love it so far..

  15. I've rented the new Malibu and it is very nice. I found though that the Malibu LT, fills more solid than the Malibu LS. It looks good on the outside, it is very quiet, it handles better than an Accord or Optima. Only issue is the stop/start technology. It will drive you crazy when you are sitting at a light. So I had to learn to creep towards stoplights, so it wouldn't shut down. Also, when it does shut down on a hot day, you immediately feel the air conditioner, losing its cool. The 2.0T version feels a heck of a lot better than the 1.6T version

  16. I got a little part time job, driving rental cars from one location to another. The Malibu LT, has become one of my favorites. But the Passat has quietly become my favorite.

  17. $34,000? umm thats more than Camry XSE with the more safety gear including pre-collision and they have the V-6, ENTUNE, push start and ETC, and the Malibu JUST started being reliable,,GM is getting WAY too confident in their pricing LMAO

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