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2016 Chevrolet Spark Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Clearly, efforts were made to raise the bar for the Chevrolet Spark. The first generation Spark wasn’t a favorite, but with a revised transmission and added horsepower, the Spark is now a serious competitor in its class.

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  1. Barack Smith, or whatever: how boring your reply to my response…you ARE asinine! Case closed! ♐

  2. I drove the first gen as a rental. Pretty scary on the freeway with the wind but was excellent in the city.

  3. why is Mitsubishi still around, I live in a pretty big metro area and there are ZERO Mitsu dealers left

  4. ugly, small and horrible American quality, no thanks. I rather go for the scion IA for that money

  5. I bought a 2016 Spark CVT for my household in February; the longer we have it the better I like it. Surprisingly roomy, fun to drive, quiet, peppy, thrifty. An all-around delight that reminds me of my long-gone 1985 CRX.

  6. This small vehicle has a back up camera? My aunt's Honda CR-V has a standard back up camera too. In fact, the EX-L version has heated front seats and a sunroof.

  7. I'm like 62 or 6 3 and I really want this car. I test drove one and my legs didn't stretch all the way out. Very disappointing because I like the car except for the leg room or lack thereof

  8. I'm starting to like Chevy. I never really have in the past but this is a nice, smart, attractive and affordable little car! Wish other companies would follow suit in this super sub-compact class.

  9. To anyone who owns a spark how would you describe break response? Is it quick and smooth ? Thanks

  10. I'm currently looking at this car, the Nissan Micra, and Mitsubishi Mirage to be my first car. Regardless, I'm buying it new. Any tips?

  11. The Ford fiesta is the most unreliable car on the road next to the fiat 500 so I wouldn't consider that car. I like the spark but, call me old school, I need a CD player. I don't like the warranty. Too short. I like the look of the mirage g4 better. Plus it has a better warranty.

  12. kek there's two cup holders. On the seat and right in the middle below.

    She just wanted to make a joke.

  13. The dealership will not honor most of the things they tell you when you buy the car. The buyer is nothing but trash once he purchases the car. Never buy a GM car, buy foreign.

  14. if forward collision warning was standard, I would NEVER buy it. some of us just want a motor and tires, and no computer telling us how to drive.
    forward collision and lane departure warning are some of the things that keep me from other new cars nowadays.

  15. Is this new Spark still a rebadged Daewoo like the last generation? In 2014 I opted for a Mitsubishi Mirage over the Spark. So glad I did. Those turned out to have some major issues. My Mirage hasn't been perfect, but it's been a pretty darn good cheap car. Just wish it didn't look like a jellybean. I prefer the looks of this new 2017 Spark, but I'm still not interested if it's a rebadged Daewoo. I'll happily buy a more reliable and better warrantied Mirage.

  16. garbage my roommate has one.. slow sludge box transmission youll be flooring it to get up to 30
    doesnt coast for shit. and it makes u feel like a ant id compare to a gocart.

  17. Test drove the Spark last week (2017 1Lt CVT) and all I can say is when I returned the car, I was grinning. Scratched the Hyundai Accent and the Nissan Micra off my list, and didn't even bother looking at the Yaris. The ride was quiet and peppy, the sound system is great (satellite radio rocks) and though you wont win any speed races, the fuel sipping engine will pass other cars by when they stop to fuel. No joke, I'm seriously about to snap up the last 2017 on the lot. Chevy added a $3000 discount on a 60 month lease at 1% interest, so with my old car as a trade I'll be paying about $178 a month  (taxes in!) for this car. Hell, that's just a little over 3 tanks of fuel for my Grand Marquis.

  18. I STRONGLY agree with this review. I bought a 2017 base model Spark LS a month ago…I LOVE the car. This is a super cheap / fun mini car. Look at it for what it is and you will be amazed by the fit and finish, quality of materials, handling, ride quality, engine refinement, and the fun factor of driving it. It's a joy to drive and feels like a larger, more expensive car.
    Another YouTuber stated "it reminds me of my '85 CRX". I had an '86 CRX Si and I agree 100%. The redesigned Spark is an AMAZINGLY FUN (and well-built) LITTLE CAR!

  19. I liked my 2013 Spark so much I traded for a 2014 in lavender. However I prefer the original headlights. New Sparks look too Generic Chevy. Got the 13 for $10,900 the 14 10k even. Didn't even want power windows. Stayed with manual. Not everybody wants a gadget basket, we just want a good car. Sparks do very well for me.

  20. i daily drive a 2013 spark with 88,000 miles its been a good car the only things ive replaced is the coolant reservoir and the battery and tires.

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