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2016 Ford Focus RS: Regular Car Reviews


Clap your hands. Here it is, nerds: Focus RS. Time to review this thing.

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  1. Eh I have a 13 mustang and my peripheral mirrors (the small ones) work 100% fine, it's simply a matter of understanding how they work and getting used to using both mirrors. I have quarter window louvers which you can see out of the slots in them but no need with the mirrors.

  2. Why Alfred bought his RS is the same reason why I'm keeping the interior of my sedan WRX nice and stock. Anything under the bonnet and in the wheel wells however….weeeeeeeee

  3. I used to say when talking about the Ecoboost Mustang "If I'd want a turbocharged four banger Ford, I'll get a Focus RS".

    Then I saw the price. $70k CAD for a Focus RS, with taxes and everything. And that's without the percentage of the dealership, so let's say $75k. For maybe $10k more, you can get a GT350. And for the same price, I can get a fully loaded Mustang GT Premium. No wonder why this thing doesn't sell.

  4. i dont understand all the complaining about the seats. go online and buy some sparcos for 1k. problem solved.

  5. The same reason that this guy bought his Focus RS is the same reason I bought my WRX. I wanted to enjoy driving with the family.

  6. In 2004 the Pontiac GTO, which was powered by the LS1, also made 350/350. It was a better car in most ways, and cost $10k less, but wow, things sure have changed.

  7. A 40 something guy at work bought a Focus RS with what looks like every option available, he parades the thing into the parking lot EVERY day like he just won a rally championship too. The rest of us in our camaros, mustangs, chargers, (& one hellcat) just let him have his fun, 😆 poor guy.

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