Home Car Review 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak in-depth owners review

2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak in-depth owners review


Owners review of the Ranger 3.2 Auto Wildtrak covering off road and on road driving, interior, in-car entertainment and dashboard displays. If you’re thinking of buying one of these, watch this first!

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  1. Hahahahahah!! I like the expression on your face when talking about the kangarooing effect. A perplexed face.

  2. Great review. Am currently considering one of these. Nice to see such an honest review and very valuable that you have had the vehicle for about a year ( I think you said) as opposed to a professional reviewer just jumping in one for an afternoon and doing a review. Thank you.

  3. Good review, just a heads up, it does have diff lock, which automatically engages when you select 4L. Used to love mine, will definitely own another one.

  4. what a great review…honest and fresh….i love these trucks….ive got a manual gear box 2.2 and find it notchy……but enjoyable!!!

  5. Fantastic, honest review – all my questions answered, especially that Ford have not fixed the steering wheel reach option. Bit gutted about that as I have long legs so will have to think about the compromise.
    I was absolutely nuts about VWs Amarok and then they just started to date a little – then I really looked into it and the money you would have to pay to just get the slightest optional extra was ridiculous. Compare that to what you get with the Ranger and it’s a no brainier really – the only thing that worries me is if you get issues and you have to face Fords notorious Customer Service, if you read the stories online on carbuyer etc they are horrid. Hope I don’t get a wrongun! Thanks mate, really good video 👍🏻

  6. PetrolZone – Fantastic review. I am watching this in May 2018. I have just put my deposit down on a WildTrak after researching and driving the Pick Up's available to us in the UK. I am in my… Ahem… Late 40's and was looking to buy my last Sports car, Jag SVR… I still value my license and really living by the coast I needed some thing a little more practical. Having driven the L200, Amarok, Navarra and HiLux the WildTrak absolutely shone against it's competitors. The Amarok was by far the leader of the pack in the regards that you mentioned but as you say the price… I built an Amarok Dark Label with 99% of the options available but the price came out at nearly £48k. The HiLux came out at £46k… I could easily have afforded the Amarok but I just couldnt warrant the extra £11/12k, (the WildTrak is costing me £36k) it irked me to no end. Everything I wanted in the Amarok (options wise) was standard in the WildTrak… Ford has got it right I think. Loved the review, many thanks.

  7. Thank you very much for replies….. i really like you review on ranger bcz its genuine…… most of other reviews a guy borrow a vehicle for few hours and review it but in this you own the vehicle so you know about the vehicle more….. keep up the good work thanks again……👍

  8. great review… Thanks.!!! I have the 2017 limited and absoloutly love it.

    I know what you mean about the lights though, they are shat, I was looking at the HID upgrade kit myself but there is some grey area about them not being road legal… could you tell me the kit you use and are they road legal please?

    Many thanks

  9. Can I ask how tall you are? I'm 5.5 and pretty skinny, I really want one but don't want to look ridiculously small

  10. Thanks for this review. Funny thing is they are releasing this same truck as ' 2019 Ford Ranger' in North America right now. It's an old new truck to us. Comparing with the Tacoma which I think is the Hilux where you are. Cheers!

  11. hi, loved the review, I am tempted to buy a 67 plate Ranger with the 2.2 litel engine and manual box but I am a bit scepticle about it as I've heard that they have issues with the oil pump and turbo. Can I ask have you had any issues with your Ranger since you've made this video?

    many thanks in advanced,

  12. Cant let go of that ski pole can you Eddie, good review though very informative keep up the good work, let it go mate the ski jumping days are over.

  13. How is the honest fuel economy in city driving? I’m thinking of buying the same model but not to haul anything, just for fun… can be heavy on the right foot from time to time but 75/80% of the time it’ll be cruising at a steady normal speed. Roughly MPG?

  14. Great review ….I currently drive a bmw 330i m sport which I love to bits but really fancy a wildtrak for days out with the family and towing a caravan on the odd Occasion etc..I use a van for my daily’s as I’m a builder so if I got one it wouldn’t be a work vehicle but being as it’s classed as Commercial I guess it has its benefits to.

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