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2016 Honda Civic Touring Car Review


Honda returns the Civic sedan to former its glory, offering small families a way to live large.

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  1. now what have you done Tom, after a week or so you made me trade in my golf R to this Civic…..don't have any regrets though on doing it. Cheers from downunder..here they name the same trim as Vti-Lx

  2. Fuck Honda civic 2016 for its bad quality and worst service!!Don't trust its quality!!I leased one Honda Civic 2016 on February 2016. The AC was not working at new and the dealer tried to fix it for 3 times and it is still not working NOT. 
    What the fucking quality and service???? Don't trust it.
    By the way, I leased it from Dixie Road, Ideal Honda, Mississauga, Canada.
    I am trying to sue them and want to get supports. Please post my review.  IT IS REAL. Ideal Honda knows who I am.Please contact me:  Fukkhonda@gmail.com

  3. While initially pleased,  after 8 months of owning a 2016 Civic, I'm very disappointed.  The mileage is very good and the front seats are quite comfortable, but I'm not too keen on the CVT (not at all fun too drive…unless you like golf carts), the lack of a volume knob and, in my opinion, it doesn't even come close to my 2007 Civic with regard to quality.  In particular, I think they have a major issue with the floors.  I invite anyone looking at purchasing a 2016 to compare the driver's side floor/kickboard with the passenger side first hand.  The Honda rep said that the sinking floor is "characteristic of the 2016 Civic." (Guessing the new term for "design flaw" might be "characteristic.")
    Here's what mine looks like after 8 months and 6,500 miles:

    Video, even without sound, speaks for itself.  Think what it'll look like in 2-3 years.  Do you want to sink $20K into a car if you are going to see this every time you get in it?  And, if you do, don't even bother with the $155 high-walled mats as they'll most likely quickly deform like mine did.

  4. The driver's head almost touches the roof…!! This is such a negative point. You would never feel comfortable in this unless you have a short height 🙁

  5. Fuck that volume knob shit, you got a volume pad on the steering wheel, it's ages ahead of other competitors, Honda don't listen to people who don't own this car

  6. The closest competitor to the Honda Civic is Chevrolet Cruze. Find out why here-

  7. Nice review – got here from the Cruze review. The Honda seems like a better value and a little sportier, but the Cruze seems a bit more comfortable, nicer interior; might be a better commuter.

  8. I have the same car: 2016 Civic Touring Sedan. My car's problem: Navigation system. Either not connecting to satellites, showing a completely wrong location, rebooting itself, car icon fish-tailing all over the map. In 4 months since I bought it new it has been "repaired" by the dealership I bought it from 5 times: they kept the car for more than 24 days and drove it for almost 500 miles. Replaced antenna, some chip inside, upgraded/updated software: nothing worked. I am going through the Lemon Law to either get new car of being reimbursed. If you have same problems please contact at ssaileanu@gmail.com. You can also see some of the videos I've posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=z_5_ot4lHpQ&list=PLzavdI5fDOx5SR0DItLrswkWCW7czbzdM
    Good luck to all.

  9. Hello, I have civic touring and Honda say their are 10 speakers but I counted only 8 speakers where are other two

  10. You don't need a volume knob, the volume control on the steering wheel takes care of that. Cosmic Blue EX-L is the best deal.

  11. I remember both…The first Civics and the Firebirds…I was driving a very used Oldsmobile Delta 88 at that time and I was very happy to have it….lol..

  12. Tom, great review. What do you make of the Cosmic Blue Metallic (same as your test unit). In the flesh, it looks very dark — more black than blue — and I'm hopelessly undecided between that and the Lunar Silver.

  13. This my car the thing I hate about it is it doesn't have cd import everything is blue tooth you figured for it to be a 27k car it would have cd input but sadly no.

  14. We also have a 2016 model in Pakistan, it gives terrific mileage on the highway and city,16.6km/l or sometimes even 17.And in the city it gives 11 or 12km/l the comfort of this vehicle is pretty good very smooth and comfortable for long trips,I think in its class only corolla and civic are the most practical vehicles.

  15. I am looking at one of these and also the 2016 Accord. I do a lot of long distance driving and wonder how the cabin noise is? It gets better mpg and looks better than the Accord (to me), but I wonder if the Accord is the smarter choice for LD driving? Would appreciate some feedback.

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