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2016 Honda CR-V – Review and Road Test


The compact suv market is crammed full of competitors, but to take first place they’ll have to beat the Honda CR-V. Do the changes made to the latest CR-V preserve its benchmark status? KBB’s Zach Vlasuk has the answer.

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  1. Um…"lack of a traditional volume knob"…er…steering wheel controls not good enough for ya? 😉

  2. no V6? I don't understand why they are not offering 6 Cylinder in heavy car any more. 4 Cylinder engines are under powered for SUVs.

  3. Wow! I just got my new CRV16 last week, still get familiar with my baby. I think the car will fall on its side if you drive at that fast speed in the video.

  4. The CRV should have the power lift gate starting from the ex or exl, also it should have sunshades to all models especially the touring look at the price.

  5. Is the 2016 Honda C-RV optional in a manual transmission? I've seen them on Google Images, but they were mostly in Europe. Are there any in North America?

  6. my gf is debating between the Mazda CX-5 and CRV for her next car. Any thoughts or opinion? thanks

  7. I love my 2004 Honda CRV!..I use it every day and its only 50,000 miles on it!..I bought it new in 2004 and have no desire to buy another car!..this wonderful car is all I would ever need!. the engine just continues to "purr!"…
    The engine is quiet and on the road its also quiet!..I have no immediate plans to buy another car when I have this beauty that continues to satisfy me beyond belief!…

  8. FINAL COMMENT. OK so as i say the Tech side, engine, trans, suspension, all SUPERIOR OUTSTANDING AAAAA++++, GOOD TO GO 1000000000000000000000000 miles/or until you die, with only basic maint.
    Now when you get oil changeLIGHTS WILL GO OFF AFTER YOU PULL OFF. a Tire gague/low air light will go ion,,have to press a button next to steering wheel,,,WEIRD, need recall on that..also a ORANGE WRENCH light will come on,,then a series of numbers will flash in center of speedometer , this you need to bring in and salesman will push a reset button on side of wheel, takes 1 minute, BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR PERSONAL TIME TO DRIVE IN TO SHOW you,,WEIRD, really kooky, NEED RECALL Omn that stupid deal. All the bells and whistles on the strreing wheel,. speed control WEIRD, why uses that button?? No one I know,, Blue tooth, WEIRD, controls for radio vol,,WEIRD really weird. NOT NEEDED , Those 3 extras are not needed. Sure U do not have to use them, but why pay for something you will never use???
    Makes no sense. Rather have GPS as a standard in price vs these 3 stupid whistles.
    Anyway, best car for the $$$, but needs recall on stupid ck engine /ck air, lights.

    COPPER sunset color, NICE beats out 2015 copper color

  9. as i say, WE took the CRV in for a oil change,,,this weird TIRE LOW PRESSURE light goes off,,,have to press hold a button next to steer wheel a few secs ,,to reset,,WEIRD,,,then in the center of the speedometer,,,a series of numbers flashes off,,,have to take it to reset,,east to do, but 1st time you are not sure where the reset button is,,,really weird of honda to have these lights/numbers flash on just a OIL change…weird…the 3 controls on the stree wheel,. weird,,but have to keep up with BMW/Mercedes,,they have it, so honda thinks we need all 3 also,,I will never ever use any of the 3,,probably cost me a extra 1K in price…Cruise control,,since when have you ever in your past 40 yrs seen any one use cruise control??
    And I live in a flat land,,never ever seen anyone set cruise. Thats a weird control, really a complete absolute waste..Give me a free GPS instead of those 3 weird controls, like Blue tooth..or what Juist use the vol control on the radio, just set and drive. A/C is super nice, A++++ on A/C system. Confort, very nice, nice breaks,,and unreal super nice 6 speed trans. INCREDIBLE gas mileage,,well over the 40 stated on the specs.
    Sometimes these auto critcs only tell half the story. I tell it like it really is.

  10. does'nt get much better tahn the HONDA CRV
    Well said. Honda uped the power over 2015,, which is why i heard my friends 2015, could tell the engine was running at idle,,where as my 2016,,you can hear the engine.. Not a big deal, I'd rather have the more power vs quietness.. Love backseat air vent Last, heated seats???duh? Not sure what thats all about,,i guess if you live and drive in north alaska, might be a good option. Heated seats? ,,?? weird.

  11. Will honda CR-V owner Please check for Youtube. WHAT PROBLUMS
    I bought 2016 CR-V EX-L 5 mounth ago .
    This car has vibration . When I turn on a/c waithing for stop sign.
    So I went to delar shop. and complain abouth that happened\ but they said it's just normal…..and manager said we can't help to you nothing.
    BUT you can complain to HONDA company yourself . If you want..
    I should to say Future Honda Car Owners… Should check Youtube before buy CR-V
    What's going on…

  12. My wife is ugly and fat, so I bought her a brand new Honda CR-V and she looks so sexy in it.

  13. The 2016 Honda CR-V: Elevate yourself to a new level of dorkiness today! Anyone who thinks this is a good-looking vehicle, has a serious problem…

  14. I was planning to purchase crv 2017… But looks like it'll not have arm rest close to the gear like 2016 model ergo honda lost a customer

  15. i wish it looked slightly more like a real suv i have never been ok with cross overs…i guess its alright for even cars to be all confused and not know what they are …we'll just let it in the sedan and suv bathrooms lol

  16. so sad it cost almos 30,000$ and this car shakes at the red lights i have a 2000 lexus gs300 it runs better than this car =(….

  17. That would be great to have no just this trim review but also LX since it's the one with least options. As an owner of the LX, I'm very disappointed with the cheap details as plastic triming, no inside trunk opener, a poor display, and tons of other lack of options that would keep Honda as top of mind at least for myself being a previous Honda owner.
    I owned a 2007 Honda Civic LX, supposedly 10 years behind in technology would make a difference but not, my Civic had a lot of better performance and interior details than my cheap 2016 CR-V LX.
    Finally, the MPG is a joke coming from a Honda, no even a 25 MPG in city is a bad joke, and going in Hwy not even reaches 28 even though you use it in ECO mode.
    Too bad for Honda I'm about to switch to Mazda CX-5 instead, you can tell there's is a difference in between the same apples.

    Thanks for your review anyways, it was great for the model you guys picked

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