Home Car Review 2016 Kia Sorento – Review and Road Test

2016 Kia Sorento – Review and Road Test


Wider and longer than its predecessor, the third-generation Kia Sorento builds on everything we already like about Kia’s midsize SUV. But does bigger necessarily mean better? KBB’s Zach Vlasuk investigates.

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  1. If you are going to get the Kia Sorento, Please do not get the base model engine. IT'S WEAK!!! Get the LX V6 or the EX or SX Models. A vehicle that size needs horsepower. That would be my choice.

  2. The big picture is this Korean company gives us mid size SUV for the price of small size SUV. If willing to add few $$$. The question is Hyundai Santa Fe or Kia Sorento?

  3. Only thing I don't like kia is the badge. Come on kia.. Change your badge. Kia has a negative stigma due to the crappy cars 10 years ago. Today Kia looks better imo than any other vehicle ESP for the price and significantly higher quality and more reliable than kias of the past

  4. I agree, get the Turbo or the 3.3 V6. This is one fine CUV. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is in trouble. I have already driven the Summit, and the Overland trims. My standard for the midsize class. If this Kia on the drive is as nice, it maybe my next CUV. It is not so value priced as some dealer gouging at least in my area makes it in Grand Cherokee territory price wise. Please be careful when shopping as some dealers use "AMV", which means in english Added Market Value. They are gouging you for another $2000.00! This should be illegal, but it is not. If you pay it, you are out of your mind.

    I need to drive the Sorento, but I will not buy from a dealer that sells $2000.00 over the sticker price. That is like paying 30% more for your groceries than you should for no additional benefit.

  5. Well, the Kia badge is way better than the pound land red tick mclaren badge. But yes, they could update it

  6. It has features of the Infiniti QX60 (used to be JX 35)…. I wish the interior was available in all TAN or WHITE or something bright.  No really feeling the two tone.  Love the ride…

  7. KIA is growing on me despite being old enough to recall the kah kah kah kia! commercials when their cars were similar in quality to Hyundai from decades ago. Now my neighbor across the street and my tenant both have the Sorento. It's tempting especially as I'm shopping for a suv now for the wife. I guess if it's for the wife I shouldn't care as much but I just find it hard to consider a car not American made where the dollars simply go over seas (further helping to widen the trade gap).

  8. bought the limited model 5 days ago. I have to say I never thought I would buy a kia but it an amazing car…I still think it a little pricey, but it has everything I wanted in a car within my price range

  9. Test drove one. Wanted to buy. But the lack of vertical seat motion ultimately led me to look at its competitors.

  10. I bought one of these brand new sorento lx. At 14500 miles problems with ac losing power, brakes going to the floor, and banging sound shifting into drive /reverse. Plus a few times on freeway stuck on 40MPH as soon as you push accelerator it would power up veering to the left . Took it back many times to dealer! Trust me buy a Toyota Rav4 or Honda…..

  11. I have rented both the Kia Sorento LX and Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and I was very impressed. I have to admit I was wrong about the base engine (both versions were AWD).They both drove great. I'm likely to get the two row version: Kia Sorento LX or EX-T or Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (base or Turbo version) I'm torn between the base engine or the turbo engine. Any suggestions? I'm not going to rule out the Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage either.

  12. I've been searching and searching for a perfect car for me and I thought I found the one but watching this changed my mind…

  13. the whole cars looks great besides the kia badge , i hope they change that in the future like pepsi

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