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2016 Mazda BT-50 Review


The 2016 Mazda BT-50 has arrived in Australia, with the workhorse ute adopting a revised look, gaining some new tech and coming offered in more spec levels than ever before.

There are 23 derivatives of the new-look Mazda BT-50 to choose from, with 4×2 and 4×4 variants, as well as single-, space- and dual-cab body styles.

You can choose between with a tray-back ute or a pick-up body style, and prices range from $25,570 for the entry-level model up to $53,790 for the flagship GT auto.

As you can see, there have been some subtle styling changes to the BT-50, including a revised grille and headlights, revised front bumper and models fitted with the styleside tub, there’s a slightly revised rear-end.

It’s fair to say the BT-50 still doesn’t look as macho as some of the other utes on sale, but it does tick all the boxes in terms of load carrying capacity.

This XTR model, for instance, has a competitively sized tray and the payload for the auto dual-cab 4×4 is 1095 kilograms – more than many rivals, and about as much as a Mazda 2 hatchback. And nearly all BT-50 models have a 3.5-tonne towing capacity.

Inside there have been minimal changes, but there is a new media screen fitted to upper spec models.

The 7.8-inch touchscreen includes a simple and effective satellite navigation system, and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming.

A reverse-view camera is standard in the two highest-spec models – it shows up in the rear view mirror – and that safety tech is now optional on all other variants.

Other areas of the cabin haven’t seen much change – it is still a smart looking space with decent storage options all around, and in dual-cab form it is among the most spacious in the class.

In the back, Mazda claims occupants will have a smoother ride with the updated model thanks to changes under the cabin. I’ll start up here first.


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  1. You guys do great reviews i watch it ever day keep up the good work and can you please review the nissan qashqai ti and which one is hyundai tucson highlander or the nissan qashqai ti

  2. My complaint isn't about the review but about the vehicle. Why is there an evident determination that Australia must not have ANY full sized pick up type trucks, such as the Americans have? There isn't even a single candidate; even Toyota's Tundra, a full size sold in the US, isn't available here. Ford and GM pick up trucks aren't available except as a very expensive conversion over $100,000. Instead we get smaller trucks and SUVs suited to the Asian market with much smaller roads and cities. There's a whisper that Dodge may bring out its Ram here, but it's not certain and given the refusal of all of the makers so far I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. +rettfree
    I think is because a vehical that has towing over 3500kg would be classed as a truck here in Australia so you would need a truck licence I could be wrong so if someone could correct me would be good

  4. like wise, except im happy that we dont have any of your type of trucks here in north america lol, no one wants those ugly things here

  5. It spins me out when you move to the back seat while the car is still in motion. Same as you did in the Hilux video.

  6. this mazda is a cheap copy of the ford ranger, inside it is very similar, they copy almost everything. Or is that ford and mazda share materials??

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  8. That's the kind of truck I wanted . Can't get it ,we have huge full size double cab bus size things. You have many options . We finally got the Chevy ,what a stinker and high priced. Think it is different than the world model . Don't know why the car executives think they can sell plastic shit in the usa and make competitive cars and don't sell them here. I know I everybody thinks we are stupid but we do have the Internet to see what everybody else gets.

  9. wich one should i buy for using it for everyday driving in the city
    mitsubishi triton 2016
    mazda bt50 2016
    toyota hilux 2016
    if you think of another one please mention it

  10. Same style of ford ranger they just changed the front and back back overall same still the best Nissan Navara

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  13. Here in Barbados these are garbage and the dealer who sells them the after sales service is piss poor and parts are so dam expensive..

  14. i have noticed that some parts of the cabin of this pick up are the same accessories of the ford ranger

  15. im just asking, why the 2016 model in the philippines still dont have reverse camera and lcd monitor?

  16. Great all rounder in the ute class with a great Diesel engine in the 3.2 and is proven tough in the real world, you can't go wrong with this unit.

  17. The only downside of this pick up is the front end, not tough looking enough in today's standards.

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