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2016 Mazda6 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Compared to the sea of “me-too” mid-sized sedans, the Mazda6 stands out. Sleek styling and sporty handling make it more engaging than the norm, yet excellent fuel economy shows it has a practical side. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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  1. Mazda is starting to resemble BMW in terms of interior design. However as CR stated, wish they offered a more power engine besides their 2.5L for those that really want to push the boundaries and not just care about MPG's

  2. I like the way the Mazda 6 looks but the fact that it only has a basic 4 cyclinder as its main engine and no v6 or turbocharged 4 engine as a option has me looking at the Chrysler 200c awd which i test drove and like it had the 19 inch wheels,dual pane sunrooof and safety tech on it.Why doesnt Mazda have a optional engine for the 6? It seems like it can handle far more power in it.

  3. The six is a wonderful automobile for those that can fit in it.  It is buy far the best option in the mid to high 20k range.  At 33k?  I would go with the A4 or the 320i.

  4. 前期型乗ってる俺はこの改良に涙目だよ。でも、いい車です! 日本ではディーゼルが見直されてきてアテンザでは新車販売のディーゼル比率が70%、CX-5では80%、デミオでは65%にもなります。

  5. i bought the 2015 Mazda 6 , let me tell you for the price which is off the chain compared to lexus or BMW  and jaguar . reason i say jag is because i was parked next to one and accidently thought the jag was my mazda  they looked so similar ! BOSE 9 speaker system rocks  the leather seats and adjustment memory is what im talking about driving comfortably  30bucks fillls the tank  the air conditioner for vegas is what i need  and over all all my friends  were wowed  amazing  deal .MAZDA stepped up their game  and im glad i own and you should check one out !!!!!

  6. Love this car. Possibly the best or runner up in terms of the midsize segment.
    Now if that 2.2 diesel would just come already…

  7. Give it a 4 cylinder turbo with at least 240 break horsepower, this car is just awesome but u can get the same engine in mazda 3 grand touring. 184 bhp is more than enough for mazda 3 but it's not good for the 6.


  9. I've got a M3 (for winter/hauling stuff/5 seats, etc) and compared to my SLK's command system, Mazda's connect is by far easier to use. I've had no issues with it

  10. Let me all of you.  Does the Mazda brand have longevity? I need to know this from current Mazda 6 or Mazda 626 owners.  I keep cars up into the 250,000 plus mile range.  Will it last me that long.  My Toyota has 260K and my last Honda has 300K miles.  Please help me out, I'm ready to buy my first new car in 15 years (yes, I say 15 years).

  11. The 2015 JD Power Vehicle Quality Study results:
    – Mazda, Fiat and Subaru now make the lowest quality and most unreliable vehicles in the industry. 
    Also the 2016 Mazda 6 has:
    – Poor fuel economy of only 26MPG according to Everyman Driver and TFL Car. That's below average for this segment. 
    – Underpowered engine. 
    – No AWD powertrain option.

  12. The worst things about the 2016 Mazda 6:
    – Poor fuel economy of 26MPG according to Everyman Driver and TFL Car. That's below the average for this segment. 
    – Underpowered engine and lack of turbo option.
    – No AWD powertrain option
    – Cheap plastics in the interior.
    – Gimmicky, annoying tech features like the HUD and lane assist without really improving interior quality from the 2014/2015 model.

  13. I have the CX5, and the knob center control and volume needs to have smaller ticks to scroll through songs and volume at much greater speed.

  14. I ended up buying a 2015 Camry XSE instead of the 2015 Mazda 6 mainly due to comfort and road noise. But now I hear that Mazda has fixed the road noise issues for the 2016? Although I'm really happy with my purchase, I'm glad to see that Mazda listened to the feedback and did something about it.

  15. Thanks Tom. Great review. Any recommendations on what to consider between the Mazda6 and Acura TLX 4cyl?

  16. congratulations, its just as ugly as the others. give me a subaru impreza wagon with sti performance, auto w/o the cvt

  17. Doesn't the Mazda 6 have better performance numbers than the 4 cylinder Camry, Altima and Accord? I think it does.

  18. Lets see, noisy engine and interior, steering that transmits bumps, rides that transmits bumps— It's slow sales is a middle finger to the "sport" mantra, disconnected reviewers like yourself try to force on consumer's minds. It's a reliable vehicle, so that's good. But it's "sport" characteristics make it unrefined.  That's the problem when manufactures build cars to reviewers artificial specifications rather than what buyers want.  When reviewers use the word "sport" it means less refinement. Owners don't want less refinement.

  19. Cheap cars, feel like they're made of plastic. Mine had to have its transmission replaced at 7000 miles. Then AGAIN at 9300 miles. Mazda customer service is absolute garbage. Never again.

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