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2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Based on Mercedes’ C-Class sedan, the GLC majors in refinement, with a plush ride and luxurious interior. Complicated controls prove frustrating, but we applaud the standard forward collision warning system with automatic braking.

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  1. Its a safety feature to have it shift to neutral when pressing start button while the car is moving. When you put it in park than press power button it will keep it in park and turn off.

  2. Who the hell turns there car off without putting it in park??? I have the same stalk on my Mercedes and I feel like this is not picking. because there is nothing really to nag about.

  3. Why would you want it to go into park if you were driving down the road and accidentally hit the button. I think neutral first is a good idea.

  4. What kind of idiot doesn't put their car in park before turning the car off and getting out? It's like you have to form list of complaints no matter how small or illogical.

  5. How do you as an engineer feel about Mercedes using cheaper materials on the rear door panels in a $50 k SUV. The rear door panels don't have as much soft touch materials. Also the soft touch materials used seem to user less padding with each given year. How do you feel about Mercedes using budget cuts that we'd only expect from econo brands?

  6. This car is so hideous, I don't understand why mercedes would ruin such a good design. The previous one was PERFECT. Best looking in the class.

  7. you have no taste when you say glk was better and this guy is a pretty good presenter

  8. I would just get the Multimedia package with navigation for $2,330 which also comes in with the Premium package with Keyless-go for $720 and the 4Matic option too making the car go up to around $44,000. The rest is quite unnecessary

  9. I'm warming up to the GLC, it's a nice vehicle. But the GLK was way more distinctive, and the later versions had a much upgraded interior so the GLC interiors are NOT big leap from the GLK. The GLK also had shorter overhangs and a taller cargo area for better utility. Not to mention a much smoother and more powerful V-6! Many reviewers have admitted that the turbo 4 in the GLC is not as refined and the gas savings is very minimal.

  10. Dear Tom, I starve to rear your review,your expression and details give us confidence in the product..Impartial,objective,deep insight and short duration are the keys.I buy when i get your assertive and authentic certification..long live our guide and guru dear TOMMMMMMMM

  11. Sadly we in the states do not get the popular 2.1 liter diesel in the GLC model! What a mistake this is! I for one would buy it in a minute!

  12. The 3 pointed star Chrysler/Jeep/Damlier/Fiat who are they? This car is very average!

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