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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Fast Generate | Buyer Reviews


Roomy and dependable, the Outlander has some attractive features, which include a low selling price and excellent crash examination benefits. But despite updates, it falls well down below the intense little SUV opposition. For more opinions, ideas, and recommendations examine us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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  1. We look forward to buy Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DI-D 4WD (110kW, 150HP) Top 2015 Model in Germany, done my analysis but have few open points ..so any inputs will be highly appreciated !!

    1. Servicing and spare parts is it costly and time consuming, unlike VW or BMW

    2. How is the fuel consumption, this is what they claim. Just need to be sure if it is .
    Fuel Consumption. komb:. * 5,4 l / 100 km
    Fuel Consumption. town: 6.5 l / 100 km
    Fuel Consumption. Consumption City: 4,7 l / 100 km

    I tried to find customer reviews on forums in Germany,but i really didnt find any so thought to ask here 🙂

    Please suggest !!!!


  2. It say's it has daytime running lights….but in reality, they are just parking lights that need to be turned on. NOT auto-on daytime LED running lights! False advertising! My Camry has day-time running lights and they turn on automatically when you start the car! Not needing to be TURNED on every time!

  3. Really Consumer Reports? Did you really say "The Outlander does really well on crash tests…and the Outlander has been really reliable in CS survey data." and then follow it up with "All that means is you're going to be stuck driving a not so great car for a long time."??? It seems like this review is filled with "The Outlander has good…but…" You do realize that most of us typical Outlander customers are looking for a safe, reliable, long lasting car, right?

  4. This guy is never happy with any car he drives. All of his car reviews are mostly negative. And it's getting out of hand. Please hire a different reviewer ?

  5. I leased a 2015 outlander and hate it, not a safe vehicle to standards no safety features have to take your eyes off the road to look at some features

  6. A lot of people who buy these sell them. I didn't mind the drive, but I am unsure on the quality and reliability.

  7. really Consumer Reports doesn't a customer look for reliable safe and good gas mileage the Outlander is a great choice at a great price

  8. stopped at 1 minute into the review, for some reason this guy just pisses me off, and his voice sounds so demeaning to the vehicle as if he only cares about high end luxury cars, get a different job man

  9. He's the only one I heard him keep saying in the reviews the word "but".
    His face expression is such a whiny face annoying.

  10. are you kidding me man !! reliability is very important to have special when it comes to cars ..i personally know people who does own Outlander previous models all of them speaks highly of that SUV .. not to mention i Own a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2002 GT V6 i have 145 thousand plus mileage on it .. the car runs grate problem easy to be solved .. yes there is some bad quality Mitsubishi is been doing like cheap plastic interior like the dashboard in my car is cracked but the overall machine is reliable for real i hope the new Mitsubishi quitting the use of cheap plastic that is very important Mitsubishi i hope they read my comment ..

  11. Ok, we have just put 4700 miles on our 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4 cyl 2WD. We had an 8 passenger 2006 Sienna Van, the underside of that vehicle became
    damaged. But I wasn't quite ready to get back into another Sienna
    after rack and pinion steering leak at 50K miles, an electric door hinge problem, 19 mpg avg, and chronic edge wear of the tires. It would only
    like Michelins, it chewed thru other brands and alignment was spot on. We also looked a Subaru, and the Highlander and Honda stuff.
    The 2016 Outlander was the ONLY vehicle which had 3rd row seating, a decent tow capacity for small trailers, 30 mpg or better gas milage.
    Outstanding 100K drivetrain warranty. This CVT transmission is very smooth. This has a timing chain engine instead of a timing belt engine.
    ( Visit http://www.agcoauto.com/content/List_Of_Interference_Engines ) Not buying any more vehicles with timing belts.
    This 2016 is much improved over the 2015, as I drove a 2015 model.
    Also I wanted higher ground clearance this time. The Sienna was too low for ground clearance.
    I just completed a 900 mile trip LOADED. We averaged 32 mpg. I filled the tank twice. My wife likes it, she won't let me drive it much.
    I REALLY started looking at these Outlanders when I found out my father-in-law in Mexico actually had a Mitsubishi for the last 11 years.
    They beat theirs and abuse it. They drive their old Outlander all over the country. He told my wife he would buy another when the time comes.
    I know he is hard on vehicles. That REALLY , and I mean REALLY got my attention. My wifes relative down their
    owns a Meineke repair franchise. He says the Mistubishi vehicles without the turbo are
    reliable. Plus I never remembered seeing a Mitsubishi broken down on the side of the road, anywhere. I'm always looking for
    what vehicles are being towed by a rope or on the back of a tow truck.
    I just saw my father-in-laws Mitsubishi last week, it is an Outlander but much smaller.
    They also have a Sienna Van the Mexico version.
    Our Outlander is comfortable for trips. Its easier to park than the Sienna.
    Also the factory includes 5 years of roadside assistance / towing !!
    So, this vehicle fits my needs and was $10,000 less (at least) than a Sienna. No problem, I just had U Haul install a hitch for about $380.
    I bought a slide-in cargo basket for trips & bulky stuff. Probably will save $1300 a year in fuel cost over the Sienna.

    The negative: Headroom could be 8 inches higher, especially in the rear. Our model has a keyed ignition (I will never buy keyless ignition vehicles)
    the rear cargo lacks a hook to hang clothes, we wish there was a 12v receptacle in the cargo area.
    At night, the door switches are poorly lighted. Also the ES lacks a roof rack. Really wanted a roof rack.
    Tony http://www.globalmedicalplans.com/

  12. I love this Outlander!! A lot of things standard for a low price, longest warranty, and excellent reliability and legendary S-AWC system !

  13. Not an informative or unbiased review….. What I heard was "Yes it's reliable, affordable, safe and efficient but I just don't like it. If you can't afford an X5 or Q7 you just shouldn't buy anything".

  14. I just bought this car used, less than 40k miles on it, for 12k!! Yes, it's resell value is horrible, but I don't want a car to resell, I want a reliable car to replace my 97 Camry. I test drove everything, I wanted a RAV4 but it was going to cost almost 20K! And it didn't drive that much better. Reliable, safe, cheap, I love it! Wish CR would quit picking on this model, it is a great model for us that cannot afford 20k for a used car

  15. biased unjust review of a great suv that will do everything and go anywhere a family needs

  16. I've come to the conclusion that CR are idiots when it comes to cars. They review based on brand prejudice far, far too often and blatantly. Cabin noise was offensive? I've driven all the compact SUV's out there and the only ones that are quieter are the premium brands like Audi or MB – and even then, the lower end MB's aren't quieter! It's a very solid car and the global reviews and sales performance reflect that. It's only in the US, where car journos are often in the pocket of the car companies or are simply beholden to their corporate overlords, where it gets bad reviews. "Looks and feels" dated? Complete muppet. Compared to what?! Prefer the acres of hard plastic in a Ford or Hyundai or Nissan? How about the GM Terrain which hasn't been updated for 5+ years? Perhaps a badly built Jeep (with that crappy hard plastic again!) would be nicer for you? Mmmm: 10+ year old Patriot…. The reality is that the Outlander is very comfortable to drive and a nicer place to be than most other brands at the same price points. The reviewer is wallowing in biases and doesn't even recognise them. About as fair a review as Fox News is impartial.

  17. I guess cr continue to dislike mitsubishi. I am glad no one listen to them anymore. Just show how biase they are. They would recommend other manufacturer even though their products are not reliable. Test drive your self. CR please stick to appliance and leave autos for other reviewers. Do not think you guys are qualified to do vehicle reviews

  18. I have owned a lancer for nearly 8 years now. I started searching and watching all the reviews online about Outlander since I wanna buy another Mitsubishi as my next car. I thought Outlander could be a good upgrade from Lancer. The first time I saw this review, I was completely shocked. Maybe I shouldn't pick Outlander. I went test drive the car (2.4L petrol) four times, I came back and watched this review again. I think he is right to some degrees. The facelift Outlander is still not perfect and it doesn't drive as well as CX-5 or Tiguan. However Outlander is an absolutely perfect car for me in terms of safety, practicality, running cost, reliability, dimension and most importantly affordability. Now I am just waiting for my new Outlander to be delivered next week. Can't wait!

  19. Totally getting it… This guy is old and probably shouldn't be driving anymore cause he doesn't know what's the hell he is talking about period..

  20. Safety and reliability are important! How many vehicles fail at these two? Plus, this Outlander probably has one of the best four wheel drive systems in its class.

  21. Geeze, I knew he had no clue when he pronounced "niche". All CVT trans rev like that, how clueless he is. I bought an SEL during the Memorial Day sale, has great power, fuel efficiency, state of the art all for an affordable price. Go test drive one, you'll see.

  22. So it's reliable, and i'll be stuck with it for a long time. So what I don't lease cars anyways!

  23. Shitty review. Mitsubishi make great cars and mid size suv's are designed for families in mind all about practicality, safety and comfortability. I think the Exceed model is a cut above the rest of the market apart from the obvious market leaders Kia and Hyundai which are cars built on the same platform anyways.

  24. I can't stand this guy. he says all cars are crap unless its a high end luxury car. fire him plz

  25. I taste drove this outlander 3 days ago, and I can tell it great suv to especially for the price and all that features included, I am in the market for the 2.4L engine AWD and it is great. thanks God I didn't see this video before I taste drove or I wouldn't do so as this guy seems likes all high end cars only.

  26. This guy is a dumbass ! Really, im going to stuck with a reliable not so nice vehicle for a long time! He forgot to mention that it cost thousands of dollars less than its japan or american compitition, its larger, quiter, one of the top safety pick with insurence, has a 5/10 year, 100,000 miles warrenty. requires less matainance than toyota or honda and get better gas mpg with the 4cyl, comes with the most standered equipment, Shall I go on ? Most of these reviewers are very bias and dont have a clue whats important to average consumers or he would talked more about what a value the Outlander is compared to its competition. This guy is another example why I cancled my subscription to Consumer Reports years ago, There car reviews are stupid and out of touch with what people want, there long term ownership survey is based on owners opinion and not warrenty claims.

  27. Why all these people griping about the review ? As far as I am concerned every review should be taken with a grain of salt.

  28. what the heck was this review? "stuck in not so great car for a long time?" so you are saying 2.5 liter Rav4 which is just a little more power with smaller wheels, no heating seats, no leather seats, no de ice side mirrors no premium audio is great car? Also in the written review, said "dont be fooled by those nice options?" I would say Do Not Fool European people. Look up Outlander EU sales 2015, 2016. It's been sold as many as Rav4 and including Phev version, it is sold more than Rav4 or CR-V. This review is very subjective, unprofessional, and emotional. I have been subscribe Consumer Reports for years. This guy's review makes me to unsubscribe it. This is bs.

  29. This guy is too negative. It's a nice car. The only thing I might agree with is the inside being too noisy.

  30. you expected a crossover SUV to be quick? That's like expecting a F-250 to hit 60mph in 3.2seconds kill yourself! LOL

  31. The only information I value from consumer reports is technical data. Reviewer personal opinions just are unimportant to me. IMO they should stick to providing raw data.

  32. I own a 2016 and I love it. came out off a half ton pick-up. obviously a truck will drive differently than a cuv, but the outlander is quiet, smooth, good on gas, handles well, good brakes, and accelerates quite well I have no trouble on the freeway/highway with the 2.4. maybe the guy is just jaded

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