Home Car Review 2016 Nissan Rogue – Review and Road Test

2016 Nissan Rogue – Review and Road Test


The Nissan Rogue is designed to stand out from the competition by way of its sleek carlike styling, class-exclusive in-vehicle technology, and 3rd-row seat option. But can it really compete and win against segment stalwarts like the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Ford Escape?

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  1. The Mitsubishi Outlander and Dodge Journey are outdated, poorly designed cars.

    The Nissan Rogue is not the best in its class, but still far superior to those suggested competitors.

  2. i just bought Nissan Rogue 2016 band new 2 weeks back and since then i put it for the service 2 times …. it is very weak car i am not sure it will reach 60,000 km ( warranty period ) without big problem … i like Japanese cars i have toyota and honda , Nissan is the least comparing with them

  3. Does anyone on here have any opinions on the Rogue and Subaru's Forester?  The wife and I have looked at all the small SUV's and thought we like the Forester, until we went and test drove the only one we hadn't, the Rogue.  We now really like the Rogue but I am just starting to look into it, if anyone has had both or has any thoughts on the matter that would be much appreciated, thank you.

  4. I've had my 2016 Rogue SL for a week now. Absolutely love it! Yes, when you start accelerating from a stop, it's noisier than pretty much any vehicle I've driven before. But it's not "crazy" loud and certainly not enough of a setback to diminish the vehicle's other nice qualities. The Bose sound system is fantastic. I love the appearance and quality of the main console and the seats and other aesthetics inside the vehicle. It feels elegant but doesn't feel like there's an overwhelming amount of buttons and other visual distractions to keep one's eyes off the road and traffic. The moonroof is a great feature and the cargo area's flexibility with the shelving system is unique and practical without feeling gimmicky. Overall, this vehicle is pleasing to the eye, gets good gas mileage, and is spacious inside – all qualities I wanted in a compact SUV. They're worth serious consideration in this segment – like Micah stated in the video.

  5. We looked at a Nissan Rogue and a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. While I liked the Rogue I have to say that the Santa Fe Sport IMO was better designed and engineered. I own a 2008 Nissan Altima and the paint has faded on the roof and trunk deck in only 7 years and we keep the car cleaned and waxed regularly. Rattles like a baby toy on the inside now. It also had two wheel bearings go bad after 6 years though one was under warranty. I am not convinced that the CVT transmission is over the problems Nissan experienced in earlier models after talking with a few mechanics. All in all when we compared the two vehicles with the options we wanted and their pricing was very close we chose the Hyundai. With their warranty we felt this was the best decision for us. I"m not knocking the Nissan at all but when comparing side by side features & design, dollar for dollar, warranty for warranty we went a different route this time. Please keep in mind this is our opinion only and I respect others whose opinions differ.

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  7. it's getting annoying about the getting used to a CVT transmission comments. A CVT is much more logical than a regular automatic transmission and in this car it's particularly well matched with the engine.

  8. The Nissan Rogue … the official vehicle for City of Edmonton photo radar supervisor rapists.
    Don't believe me? Google it.

  9. I love my Rogue 2016 SLawd very much. I have Cranberry Red like in this one on the video.

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