Home Car Review 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4×4 Owners Review

2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4×4 Owners Review


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Basic review on the 2016 Nissan Titan XD SL 4×4 5.0 Cummins Diesel. Thanks for watching! Like and leave a comment

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  1. you mentioned lighted step rails.. Did you get that option or are you talking about the puddle lamps? If so I would love a night or dark video to see how the step bars look lit up.. Thanks in advance.

  2. I have a new 2016 Platinum Reserve Diesel Titan and it's been in the shop 10 times already in a little over 2 months! I am awaiting the buyback from Nissan and supposedly getting a 2017 – I hope it is better.
    Did your rough shifting get fixed when they did a computer update? That helped mine a lot – My seat heaters and coolers have never worked but I think you have the heated pad style which are MUCH better even though they are an "older" style, my radio volume knob doesn't always work, my DEF warning won't go off even though my DEF is full, and the driver's seat still doesn't work although they've tried to fix it 4 times already. I have been advised NOT to use Peak brand DEF – just and FYI. Feel free to email me, I'm curious to hear from other owners. Julie – vihstadt@gmail.com

  3. Well you're video helped clinch a decision to grab a Titan XD myself. Thanks.

    Again, great video, take care and enjoy your weekend

  4. great video I own the pro 4x model and only issues I had was the turbo that got replaced. Once they did a software update it made a hell of a difference

  5. Does your XD have electric locking rear diff? I know the Pro 4x does…not sure about the other trim levels.

    Truck looks great…

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