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2016 Smart Car ForTwo Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The new 2016 Smart ForTwo now feels much improved. Handling feels nimble now, and you sit up high with terrific visibility.

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  1. "…simply a ton of fun." Say what? I don't think anyone who has driven one has ever said this. Fun? Maybe compared to walking or taking the bus.

  2. haha new transmission whatever brand it is will fail at least for the first year, Im sure this transmission will have really bad reliability.

  3. Is funky really good or bad or is it simply in the eyes of the beholder as to which it is?  Seems sort of non-professional to use such a non-descript term as funky and not explain just what you mean by that.My 2010 model is fun and enjoyable to me as a second vehicle. Even with the so-called quirky shifting, I am used to it and love the thing. At 46 MPG on average, I don't feel overly excited enough to purchase a new one anytime soon or even any other new car. I'll drive the wheels off my 451 and when it is kaput, I'll get something just as quirky to replace it. Maybe even a good used 2016 453 with all that funky stuff going for it.  🙂

  4. Looks awesome and people don't understand that this is designed for cities where there is no parking at all, if you live in PA or have a driveway this is no use to you but people in nyc understand

  5. Even if you only use this car to get around in the city, it's dengerous. You get hit by a Chevy Tahoe doing 70 km/h you will be shot like a soccer ball for like 30 meters. doesn't matter if it has a steel cage and the shell doesn't cave in, the fact that it's light and doesn't have a whole lotta crumple zone means HUGE acceleration opon impact and that means a higher risk for injury. Smart cars are death traps.

  6. Shit cars like these should be $5000 and below. Someone here tell me why this shit is $15,000-$18,000?

  7. I'm a huge fan of big cars such as the Escalade and F-150 but somehow I just love this little car. Which is interesting since I, honestly, hate small cars.

  8. I sat in one of these and immediately got out because the seats were hard as a rock. Getting out was wierd too when you realize that the back of the car is right behind you. it's like " hey, where is the rest of it"

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