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2016 Top Auto Brands | Consumer Reports


Brand reputation is an important factor when buying a new car. Consumer Reports uses road test scores, reliability, owner satisfaction and overall safety to evaluate an automaker’s entire model lineup. 

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  1. Ok, I've heard the Audi #1 think from you before. How can you say this?! They have been horrible in reliability over the past several years. Not just the corporate issues, but real issues. How can you say the brand new 2016 audis are reliable when their recent track record is not good?

  2. I live in Chicago in I all I see driving around is Ford Chevy ,dodge,Toyota and Hyundai and all of there luxury brands so I'm pretty sure they could've been on the list

  3. Hmm..you consider Audi is better than Hyundai & Mazda ! Come on guys everyone knows Audi, Bmw and Mercedes suffer from reliability issues. Toyota and Honda are not innovative as they used to be, yes they are reliable but for the same price you can buy Hyundai and Mazda with so many added features.Hyundai comes with 5 year warranty too.By the way can you disclose how much Audi has paid you guys for selecting them as the best brand ?

  4. They've been saying Audis are reliable for a few years now, but I just can't buy into it over the long-term. I'm surprised they are even able to pull it off in the short term. Not to mention that, you would have to factor in the maintenance costs. Nope, I don't think I will take the risk.

  5. That doesn't make sense what he said, vw audi should be held accountable for deceiving the public, but yet they are there top brand, come on guys, sounds like you have a little BS going on here.

  6. How can Subaru be so high especially with the HG's Issue(s)? They are a ticking time bomb.

  7. Amazing.audi which shares power and drive train with garbage vw is now reliable. And how do you consider a new car reliable anyways?

  8. CR and others place too much importance on infotainment and other nice-to-have features and not enough on engine, transmission, and other basic parts of automobiles. That is the only reason these German brands are on this list, and Japanese brands are not. German brands put a lot of resource on user experience while Japanese brands put a lot of resource on engines and transmission.

    I rather my engine keep working and my infotainment system not than the other way around. I rather drive and not listen to music than can't drive and still have my music. I guess CR and others like their music more.

  9. So Toyota airbags, and GM ignition switch deaths get no attention? SMH most people don't even recycle and are upset about an EPA violation.

  10. Mercedes Benz are built like tanks and are really reliable I see lots of 1980s e320 turbo diesels on the road today

  11. Seriously Audi number over Subaru number 2 as more reliable?

    That's like saying Abraham Lincoln is a 4 foot midget

  12. I owned an Audi A3 2015 1.8 tfsi with sports suspension for 1 and half years (from new, right hand drive). I use it to drive on dirt roads as i am a scientist and need to go to farmers sometimes. Besides rattles inside the cabin it held up well. I bought a new A4 now, hope it does as well.

  13. Audi as number 1. I am gonna have to agree. As a current Audi Owner for the last 5 years I have had no problems with the car. Still runs like new. The only issue I see is that Audi entry models are under-powered 211 HP. Overall I can't complain when it comes to reliability.

  14. LOL Did this guy just wake up ?……..Anyway looks good for me. Porsche and a Subaru (my 3rd one). Very happy with both. Both flat sixes and awd, great in the snow. Could be better on gas though. But I could also have got smaller engines in them so?

  15. Audi and subaru the safest? I'm gonna be very skeptical about that. No way it can't beat toyota in terms of reliability. Not in a million years.

  16. Both of your top picks are not reliable in the long term and cost a fortune to fix when out of warranty. You only have to look at your own magazine's long term ratings to see this.

  17. Mercedes-Benz reliable? Hmm… while this is nice to hear from an accredited source about my favorite manufacturer, I still think the quality of their product lies in everything (and I mean everything) but. I honestly want them to succeed in the business as they did in the 90s, but how are they going to improve their product if the fans keep the myths up? Friends don't let friends make sub-par product.

  18. Japanese still have the edge , especially cars made and assembled in Japan.
    over the lifetime of the vehicle Japanese models will give much less problems.
    FORD is bottom rung

  19. They talk like, Consumer reports articles are reliable.. where's my GrandTour or Motor-trend articles at? Lmao.

  20. This video is another proof that Consumer Reports reviews are paid for by car makers.

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