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2016 Toyota 4Runner – Review and Road Test


The Toyota 4Runner is one of the last of its kind, meaning it has shunned the move toward a car-based chassis and continues on with the same rigid body-on-frame design that, 30 years ago, spawned the original 4Runner. Is there a spot in today’s marketplace for a traditional SUV? KBB’s Zach Vlasuk finds out in this video.

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  1. Sounds to me like the 4runner is one of the few suvs in its class that still keeps its ability to be a work vehicle.Now if they could manage to up both power and mpg while keeping its work and off road ability it might be even better.

  2. I've been seeing this on the road a lot lately. I really dig the look. I'm tired of seeing all these rounded suvs. I like the box shape

  3. The 4Runner always seemed like the ultimate vehicle to me, back in the late 1990s. I'm glad it still has it's niche in todays market of car-like unibody SUVs and cross-overs. It's offroad worthiness makes it genuine.

  4. so is this more like a city suv with a less ilncline to be an off road? sounds like one of my kind..

  5. I want this in Philippines as a local sale in dealerships and a alternate vehicle with fortuner

  6. Great SUV, but it's starting to get outdated after 7 years of production. Hope they release a new model (That's still a body on frame vehicle) soon.

  7. I love this SUV. Would take this over a jeep any day. For all the off-road needs. Maybe the 5.0 V8 would compliment the V6 as well.

  8. Great Episode. Honestly, what vehicle on earth have more superbly quality and handles harsh conditions better than Toyotas, name me one? There are only one vehicle used by almost all expeditions and inhabitants voluntarily in extreme conditions, whether its tundra, desert, jungles, prairie … there is only one vehicle you can find. It's the only one vehicle. The other "off-road" vehicles are nothing more than just advertisement gimmick.

    Its quality and reliability is outranked only by luxury category's Porsche year after year.

  9. Thank god Toyota kept the 4Runner as a true SUV. I own a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I think it looks more badass than the 2017 Soccer mom Grand Cherokee

  10. I'm looking to buy an SUV soon. I have every intention of keeping my next vehicle for a minimum of 10 years…this thing is expensive but it's more tempting every time I look at one.

  11. 4Runner Is definitely underpowered it's heavy it's slow I just hope Toyota when they redesign the 4Runner will give the customers more choices of engine like the Jeep Grand Cherokee from V6 to V8 to the badass SRT Toyota needs to change their old thinking and old attitude and be more competitive

  12. im team toyota and lexus i had recall dash board crack im go to dealler register replacedash board but year and haft im keep come to deadler for replace but fhey keep said dash board not delivery keep wail and wait dont buy toyota or lexus any more

  13. They really need to do something about the engine and mpg. It's the only thing holding me back from buying one.

  14. Drove my dads 02 limited for 4 days while my outback was getting a new trans. they have soo much character and are a joy to drive even on the road.

  15. we have land cruiser's, prado's, fortuner's and even F J's here in GCC, but no 4 runner.. Why toyota is doing this to us… we are waiting..

  16. I have the 2017 limited. If you plan on making any suspension or tire modifications don't get the limited, you basically have to pull out the X-REAS suspension. Lackluster power and no lift gate, lack of storage and if you open your rear window you get exhaust fumes be exhaust is tip is at rear instead of side. I can live with all this but more horsepower would be nice

  17. Question: Does Toyota still offer that same design of digital clock/info display at 4:22? I have a 2016 4Runner Trail Edition that only includes a digital clock. I like the layout in the video better and didn't realize Toyota had it in the 2016 model.

  18. All capable SUVs are getting rid of diff locks. 4 runner was one with both front and rear diff locks. Now thework is done by the traction system. Dont know how capable it is..

  19. toyota is the most stupid company why they need to creat suv from the same type parado fortuner and this thing they should only creat one

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