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2016 Toyota RAV4 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Well-rounded practicality makes the Toyota RAV4 easy to live with, and the hybrid version delivers chart-topping fuel economy.

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  1. It's not all new, it's just a refresh. Why you calling the 2013 model last gen

  2. I wish they leather-wrapped the gear shift like they did in the new Camry. I've never been a big fan of the "exposed" rod as seen here.

  3. Toyota strangely packages their vehicles differently between USA and Canada. The XLE here up north has as standard: heated seats, power drivers seat, automatic headlamps, etc all as standard. AWD XLE prices here are CAD$31,900. In fact, heated seats are optional on the LE here. THEN factor in the exchange rates and any RAV is much cheaper for us in Canada than in the states.
    Features and price aside, you can't beat that though. Reliability, utility, space and resale value are hard to match.

  4. I love my RAV4 Hybrid. Good gas mileage. Perfect small family car that goes camping at least twice a year, and to lots of outdoor picnics. My 10×10 canopy fits, along with a tent, sleeping, bag, folding table, gas-powered wok grill, cooler, n a few more items. I also got the tonneau cover n cargo net hammock. Hybrid all the way.

  5. The $700 difference is misleading. The non-hybrid model dealers give $4-$5k off, while there is little or no discount to the hybrid model, and many dealers force you to buy extras like paint and fabric protection on the hybrid model.

    At $2.50 a gallon the difference in the cost per mile if you just do city driving is 4 cents. This translates to a 125,000 mile payback on a $5k investment. Longer if you do high speed where difference in mileage is less.

  6. I hope they improve the material in the cabin. I was inside a 2015 RAV4 XLE last year at a Toyota Dealer. The inside was cheap. I couldn't believe I was in a "XLE" trim.

  7. to be honest , too much cabin noise , too much …Toyota did not address this issue as u said .

  8. Interesting in how Consumer Reports on most brands suggest alternatives that might be better, here they don't. Funny thing is, according to their testing in their magazine, the Subaru Forester although older still has a higher overall score and is just as reliable as Toyota. They should have mentioned that in the end as they do in just about all other brand videos.

  9. This model feels so much more smoother than the previous generation. It almost feels like a mid 2000 Lexus RX

  10. How is this latest version doing in crash tests? It I remember correctly, when this generation first came out, it fared very poorly in IIHS crash tests. That will lead to higher insurance rates as well as the possibility of severe driver injuries in a crash.

  11. Welcome to the Hybrid party Rav 4. I've been getting 30 mpg average in my 2007 Mariner Hybrid for years now

  12. Bought an LE for my daughter this week, went in initially to get a CH-R but with the 0% financing Or $3k off the larger "made in Japan" RAV4 was actually a little less money.
    Very nice vehicle. The CH-R felt a little cheap.

  13. Are people aware that they can put different shocks and struts on for relatively cheap to get a ride and handling thats more to their liking

  14. Typical toyota. Looks like it came from the sea. Hideous. Cheap interiors. I rented one of these hunks of shit and couldnt wait to get out of it. Slow and embarrasing to be seen in.

  15. I’m expecting a new redesign 5th generation RAV4 2019 or RAV4 2020 will be a bit sportier and more aggressive, more eco, bigger, nicer, safer, stronger, and higher than this 4th generation .

    The front of the vehicle shall be semi- AUDI Q8 2018,
    and the rear of the vehicle shall be semi- BMW X7 2018 .

  16. ConsumerReports: 2013 Rav4 to harsh and loud.
    Toyota: Ok soften sus and increase insulation.
    ConsumerReprts: 2016 Rav4 too soft!

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