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2016 Toyota Tacoma Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The all-new Tacoma gets a new power train, suspension, and redesigned exterior and interior styling. But if feels, sounds, and drives an awful lot like an unrefined old truck. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for additional reviews, tips, and recommendations
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  1. I'm trying to think of this review as objective, but I think its really biased sounding… Having driven 3 different trim levels (TRD Sport, TRD Off road, and Limited) of the Tacoma and 2 different Colorado models (Z71 and Z71 Trail Boss), I can't believe theses guys were so negative about the Tacoma.. It is a TRUCK, not a crossover. Just because Toyota says we've improved NVH, it doesn't mean you should expect crossover or car like NVH levels. And I've also been in a couple of previous gen Tacomas, and NVH is much much better in the new Tacoma.

    Even the new Colorado had the typical solid axle shake when going over bumps… there's no way Colorado "rides like a car"… Ram is an exception, yes, because it has air suspension…

    This review didn't seem to mention the obvious pros of Tacomas either, simply focused on any negatives they could think of and that was it… Not a professional review, IMO…

  2. we dont FUCKING CARE ABOUT THE COLORADO. I CAME HERE TO WATCH TACOMA NOT COLORADO. and we buy trucks because they are TRUCKS. stfu

  3. im going on youtube and searching for Tacoma so please dont compare this to other GM ford bblaba… All we want to know how this thing doing…love tacoma

  4. I like my pickup trucks. My wife likes her luxury car, Lexus GS 460 to be exact. Last week she took my 2016 Tacoma trd off-road to pick up her gardening supplies and she did not complain a bit about it being rough and noisy.

  5. Tacomas are like iPhones… You can't really make changes when it's already perfect. 2001-2004 Tacomas still my favorite.

  6. The problems with not changing that much is I don't want to upgrade my 08 TRD double cab to a new truck witless get up worse fuel milage and cheaper sounding doors when you close them, I think ill stick with mine couple more years.All though dash is nice upgrade

  7. still wont beat my old 96 or my 2001. I went to the dealer to see the outgoing model and the new ones a year ago and I doubt reliability is as good with these things. For the money these days I'd buy something else or buy an older one in good condition.

  8. I love the seating position and high step in height. That's one of the reasons I bought it.

  9. Consumer report are idiots. It's a truck not a car. Bunch of pussy reviewers that want a truck to feel like a car.

  10. I’m getting 25-35 mpg on highway with my 2018 Tacoma DCSB 2wd. I’m glad Toyota tuned the engine for economy over performance.

  11. They forgot the C-frame and drum brakes. This thing is a relic. I've driven two now and the drive train is horrendous. A 2018 Tacoma is slower to 60mph than a 2005 Nissan Frontier. And I agree, the seating position is awful.

  12. Dumb review. It was very negative focused and it was hardly a review. I didn't learn anything from this.. it was so vague.. trucks are cars now?

  13. Um hello it probably rides like a truck because it is a truck. It is not one of those big family cars to take your cute teenage daughter around to show how beautiful she is while you're the tough looking father on the other side being overprotective saying, "hey there people this is my precious angel in my beautiful truck, you stare at her, think about her or even talk to her, Ill run you over with my truck." Kind of vehicles. Obviously if you're in the market for luxury in a truck, get a 1987 Chevy Silverado. Message me when you finally get the point LOL. I respect your opinion but still it's a truck what do you expect dude? A motorized unicorn? Nope

  14. Drives like a truck? Are you kidding me? These guys are just retarded.

    I’ve had dozens of vehicles, from Jeeps to pickups to Acuras, and my 2014 is my favorite vehicle ever.

  15. Consumer Reports doesn't comprehend that there is a market for people who want something which can actually go off road. The Colorado and Tacoma were designed with completely different target markets in mind.

  16. This is why I don’t trust consumer reports, as long as it’s a good quality long lasting truck I could care less if a truck drives like a truck and don’t have the most advanced Bluetooth speaker system!

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