Home Car Review 2016 Volvo XC60 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

2016 Volvo XC60 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Feeling dated among newer competition, the XC60 gets two four-cylinder engines, buying time before a redesign. Despite comprehensive safety equipment and lots of luxury features, lackluster handling and a stiff ride make driving the Volvo a letdown.

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  1. Turbo charged +super charged= mechanical issues down the road and shortened engine life

  2. the only new suv that competes with it is the Mercedes GLC. The X3, Q5, Evoque, and RDX are all old as dirt. And those huge rims on that XC60 probably contribute to the rough ride, just sayin

  3. consumer reports are always negative. can you not be negative for once
    by the way, the volvo xc60 is perfect

  4. Electric cars, bicycles and mass transit are the future…..fossil fuel ICE cars are the past…………..
    Think teen agers vs your grand father…………………. cell phones vs land lines…….
    NO EMISSIONS……..climate change is real………
    Save money……no stopping at gas stations…..no oil changes……..less overall maintenance……

  5. Hey Tom,

    I am considering to buy a used Audi A3/A4/Q3/Q5/Lexus NX200t/Acura RDX (no earlier than 2014 model) with a budget around $35,000. My top priority is cabin quietness, reliability and safety. Which one(s) would you recommend? Btw, is the 2017 A4 a lot quieter than last gen? Or shall I just get a 2016 mazda cx5?

  6. It's the best selling mid-size crossover in europe, it must be doing something right 😉

  7. What was the point of this review? Just an opportunity for CR to bash the XC60? It's not a new model, and they've already reviewed it before. Bizarre. Nothing else to do, I guess.

  8. This review just seems a bit whiney and snively. It a really nice car and this review is an outlier. I subscribe to Consumers and they're great for lots of things. But these car reviews are cringe-worthy. Hey Consumers, hire someone like Chris Harris and get with the program. Even the music in the opening 5 seconds is so wrong for a review.

  9. If this video has a main failing besides the tone of the test driver, it's a lack of awareness of what people pay out the door for a Volvo. 5000 dollars off is a fairly straightforward deal and more than that is possible. If you take a 52k Volvo and mark it down to say, 47k… it does change the competition. I have an R-Design and it's a very fast but not nimble beast. The infotainment can be a pain, that's very true. But I prefer using my smartphone for navigation and if you're not trying to type in addresses, the rest of the system works very well. Voice control works well and the steering wheel controls are excellent.

  10. "lackluster handling". You nitwits forget about the R design version? And Edmunds put the non-R design through a slalom at 65 mph back in 2010. Stick to toaster ovens and refrigerators.

  11. Almost all SUV reviewers think that the " S " in the SUV is for Sports .. as in a sports car. NOT SO! The S in an SUV stands for outdoor sports loving people as shown in the original advertisements for one of the first SUVs – the Suzuki Vitara and Toyota RAV 4 showing young couples with water skis on top or towing a water scooter on a trailer. These were designed for the young at heart to go off road for fishing or tow a little boat onto the beach. Not racing around like a sport car.

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