Home Car Review 2016 ZX10r owners review(attempted) lol

2016 ZX10r owners review(attempted) lol


sorry about the length i know its long af but hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE =D

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  1. my first bike was a 1990 suzuki katana gsx600f, I had it for 6 months and then I got a cbr1000rr. Be safe as always and don't let anyone tell you squat about making the jump???

  2. Woolich racing is awesome way to flash your bike when you get, and he's even going to offer clutch less down shift with flash

  3. Great review of you're ZX-10 Mate! Chucked a sub and I look forward to seeing more vids from you! 🙂

  4. I love ZX10R's, sexy as hell. That's a big step up from the little 3hunj, good vid mate. We were almost going to buy a ZX10R not long ago, but decided to wait a few more years until we can afford an S1000RR with all the bells and assflaps

  5. How'd you find the jump from the 300 to zx10r? I currently have had a ninja 300 for a year, with 2 years of restrictions to go. Was thinking of getting a 636 once on opens, but this zx10r seems awesome >:)

  6. Nice Ferrari @ :48…..I like you're bike too…..waiting on mine as I need to save up for a down payment.

  7. hey man quick question. I am about 1.68 meters tall (5 ft 6 inches). would I be able to ride that? thanks for the standard conversions you did for us Yankee pricks in the USA haha

  8. Hey mate how much you pay ride away?

    I had a 300 too and loved it, learned on it and always wanted a zx10. I am buying the 2016 model soon too, payrise for the win ahaha

  9. I just posted a video about how to make a rear fender eliminator kit out of the stock fender parts.

  10. just bought one exactly the same colour and love it, but still getting used of to after crashing my 2013 zx10r, thanks to a wombat, but keep the vids going

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