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2017 Acura MDX Review & Test Drive By The Car Pro


Jerry Reynolds, The Car Pro, takes us along for a ride as he reviews the redesigned 2017 Acura MDX. For more vehicle review and automotive news and for information about our radio show, visit us at www.carprousa.com

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  1. I have being wondering when Acura gonna have panoramic sunroof in they cars?

  2. Are you going to talk about all the transmission issues that people are having with the new transmission. This is reminiscent of same transmission issues that the second generation Acura TL had and never fixed. Have to admit that this vehicle is the best looking MDX that Acura has made, but the tranny issue is enough to turn me off.

  3. You think they would upgrade their screens to a crisper LCD. It still looks like an old Honda blurry screen, smh

  4. This video isn't accurate. Changing between comfort/normal/sport does not change the ride at all, only the steering heft. And 20/27 is for the front wheel drive. Those numbers drop by one for the SH-AWD, but there was no mention of it in the video.

  5. The 3rd seat and trunk is similar with Honda Pilot. Only suitable for kid where the distance between chair and floor is very short. It has also small trunk. The LCD display is very similiar as well. I know both are Honda, but I expect more from Acura.

  6. Not sure why anyone would buy this Acura MDX unless they need really really got to have the third row seating. There are much better options in the SUV market right now like the Jaguar F Pace. More power, better handling and driving characteristics, better warranty that lasts for 5 years and upto 60K miles and built of a new platform.

  7. At the 5:00 min mark you said the IDS Mode changes the ride from "a Soft luxury ride or a much Firmer and sporty ride"
    I can't find anything on the Acura's MDX Chassis Specifications page that changes anything but power steering and shift points.
    Can someone please confirm this? http://www.acura.com/mdx/specs

  8. Your review is amazing. Its nice and short. Showcases the vehicles and its many features. I am waiting on the Hybrid version since i do mostly city driving. I cant wait!

  9. Great review Kevin. I keep hearing that Acura's 9 speed transmission is rough shifting and does not want to accelerate quickly, just hesitates till it take off. I was happy to hear your comments regarding the smooth shifting, but wonder what your thought is on why some people are complaining about the rough transmission shifting? Thank you very much. Jim

  10. Great review Kevin. I am happy to hear your thoughts on the 9 speed transmission. Seems some people are complaining about shifting issues, so glad to hear you found the shifting smooth. What are your thoughts on why some say Acura's 9 speed is rough shifting and does not accelerate without noticeable delay. Again, thank you very much. Jim

  11. At 3:09 you stated you "immediately disabled the auto engine idle stop." Why did you do this (pros vs cons)? Thanks

  12. The interior looks hideous and outdated. Acura needs to take a look inside the Mercedes, the Volvo and the Mazda CX9. Other than that the MDX is a solid contender among luxury SUV's. I had a 2009 and liked it a lot especially the size, the new one looks a lot bigger and more bulky. I may get another one next year.

  13. Nice review. The 20" wheels are not free, they come with the other packages you have on that test vehicle. 18" wheels are standard and look terrible on the large body of the MDX.

  14. I don't get, is Honda the luxury brand or Acura? I mean, the pilots has more premium features than this. That navigation system and UI look awful, the civic has a better one Omg. Acura is years behind its competitions, even behind Honda

  15. Definitely need Panasonic Sunroof, digital dashboard and ground clearance adjustment and I am sold

  16. is there an option for epoxy steering wheel?
    the leather covered does not cut it in extreme hot weather Arizona it will fall apart with in a year.

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