Home Car Review 2017 Acura NSX: The Slowest Supercar in the Environment? – Ignition Ep. 143

2017 Acura NSX: The Slowest Supercar in the Environment? – Ignition Ep. 143


The Acura NSX is unquestionably not a slow motor vehicle – with 573 hp, it’s anything at all but. Having said that, we have been waiting for this motor vehicle for pretty much a 10 years. It is finally here, with a bespoke, 500-hp twin-turbo V-six and 3 electrical motors that offer authentic torque-vectoring – and move in to mask turbo lag. The NSX has all the ingredients for the tastiest supercar, but does it all get the job done as properly as the first NSX did? Will it make Ferrari move again and say “whoa” when once again? Does Honda’s final decision to stuff the NSX total of so a great deal technologies in fact make for a much better-driving supercar? Motor Trend Senior Features Editor Jason Cammisa heads to Sonoma Raceway to locate out on this episode of Ignition offered by Tire Rack (

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  1. honesty if you had the money, well if I had the money. and it wasn't an issue I would daily this car. and plus the part where it was sort of design to function in the snow will be perfect in minnrsota lol

  2. Like Jay Z said "want my old shit buy my old album" why would you expect for a 2017 vehicle to look and be designed the same as 2005?? If you want the look and design of the older NSX then simply buy it. The new NSX to me looks dope.

  3. I have a super high-tech power chair that cost just as much as a car and it is basically this new Acura NSX but in a power chair form.

  4. I'd stick my cock in the grill and roll my nutts up in the window ,then rub my ball cheese on the steering wheel only leaving a tiny love stain on the seat,shortly before return the car from the test drive and making it very aware I'd rather drive a prius

  5. Would have been better as a Turbo charged V8 with just the one electric motor to eliminate drag. No re-gren.

  6. dick you are not going to see a lineage from a car that was made in the 90s to a car in 2017. common don't be a Fucking idiot. It clearly can NOT look anywhere near it's predecessor

  7. honest review not fan boyish gtr over nsx any day better car back seat looks better and price nismo is a bit more but if you got the money to buy either car what's 20k more for a hella better profomace car

  8. Probaby the only supercar you could drive across America, Europe or Australia in without its driver freaking about where it's going to shit itself and leave you stranded, its a stunner, reliable & will probably work anywhere.

  9. would never by a non stick shift. don't care if it was fastest cheapest thing on earth. no thanks. batteries that arnt used to start the car? nope

  10. This is what happens when you let Cuckfornia feminist SJW frumpy moms design a "supercar"….. I sense a V6 swap cmmng along…

  11. I wonder if they had put a cvt between front motors and their axle the max motor output could have been better matched to axle speed.

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