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2017 Audi A3 Sportback review | What Car?


A former What Car? Car of the Year, the Audi A3 Sportback provides outstanding family transport. Should you buy one? Watch our full video review to find out, and then visit http://bit.ly/2yJ4zFf to see how much we can save you on a new Audi A3.

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  1. is the normal A3 sportback got the same body and bumbers of the Rs and S line ? or will be diffrent

  2. First I almost purchased a Q2 but its so ugly Im going for plan B instead….a facelifted A3. Anyone else?

  3. This car desperately needs an interior update. And for the love of God Audi: please get rid of that obscene monstrous front grill! Time to move on.

  4. A3 1.4 tfsi with s line package or the golf Gti?
    Which one is better for the money?
    Only 2k difference

  5. The Audi A3 isn't based on the Golf, it's based on the MQB modular transversal toolkit that underpins it.

  6. I didn’t hear anything if it comes with a CD player – I still buy music CDs and videos and like options . I also use a usb , Bluetooth & like option of a CD player .
    When I buy music CDs I would like to listen to them straight away and don’t have time to put them on usb stick

  7. Great review except for background music please get rid. Sooo distracting & annoying.

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