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2017 BMW 5 Series G30 First Look Review | CarAdvice


The all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series sedan goes official today, featuring new looks, a new engine line-up, more in-car technology, and new driver assistance systems.

Launching globally in early 2017, BMW says the new 5 Series features “further enhanced dynamics, an unbeatable line-up of assistance systems, and unmatched degree of connectivity and a new and innovative operating system”.

Measuring 4936mm long, 1868mm wide and 1479mm tall, the seventh-generation 5 Series is 37mm longer, 8mm wider and 15mm taller than its predecessor.

Despite its larger size, the new 5 Series sedan is up to 100kg lighter than its predecessor, thanks to the increased use of lightweight materials including aluminium and high-strength steels in its construction.

Watch the full walk around video to see it in action!


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  1. better than the e-class even if the e-class is better !!
    I mean the design is enough reason
    e-class exterior design is lame!!!!

  2. i'm a huge bmw fan but this car disappoints me. f10 interior looks way nicer. the exterior as well (talking about the facelifted m sport model). but hey, that's just me. if i had to buy a brand new car, e class is more appealing this year.

  3. You lost me a Apple Car Play. Would never buy another Apple product, and if you gave me one, I'd sell it and buy something else. As for wireless charging, the iPhone hilariously doesn't even have this 3yr old technology, however my Galaxy S7 Edge does. Now if they put Android Auto into it, I'd consider it. Although, I still live my 3 series and X5

  4. Curious too why the new gen 5 Series doesn't use carbon fiber reinforcement in its structure like the current 7 Series, did BMW make a mistake by do this, you can almost guarantee the next gen Cadillac CTS (rumored to be called CT5) will be even lighter than the current model, Cadillac is series about cutting weight, it will be interesting to see what they do for the new gen M5 (maybe carbon fiber structure like the 7 Series and awd system, high performance rwd midsize luxury sedans are some too be in the minority), measurements for 2017 BMW 5 Series (l 194.6, 117.1 wb, 73.5 w, 58.2 h, 3746-4100 lbs*), note the lightest current Cadillac CTS (3652 lbs) and CT6 (3647 lbs) weight, you can assume with the next gen CTS (CT5 or whatever the plan on calling it) will be even lighter, can’t wait to see the new M5

  5. BMW keeps bringing back the same boring design and boring outdated interior year and year. Its getting ridiculous now. All they do is connect the headlights to the grille and call it a new generation lmao. No wonder Mercedes has outsold them in the US 2 years in a row

  6. before 2013, bmw was in the lead with styling, until mercedes came with the new generation. unfortunately, bmw is now clearly loosing the battle. this is really no threat for the mercs

  7. I thought the interior in the E Class was sick but this is certainly going to give merc's boss a headache

  8. NICE! I'd like a high-end cloth, alcantar or micro-fiber option instead of animal skin (aka leather)

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