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2017 BMW 5 Series review | What Car?


The BMW 5 Series is a classy and wonderfully refined luxury saloon, with surprisingly low running costs and an excellent range of engines.

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    A female Jeremy Clarkson, listen to it. Thinks she is the dogs nuts.

  2. The new ones lost steering feel and build quality,That's what most of the market wants.  But Volvo and many others
    make those cars too, some without the badge premium added to the
    price,,,I think I'm beginning to understand why newer BMWs suck so
    much, they are designing them based on feedback from an average
    mom customer, it all makes sense now.
    Their next area of "improvement" will be eliminating manual gearbox and
    changing traditional bmw roundel to a vagina logo. Being the Ultimate
    Driving Machine.  They have a sportier image than
    Mercedes and that was a huge strength… now that advantage will
    probably fade over time and "Bimmer" may not mean as much down the
    road.I once again nominate the e46 e39 and e30 for best BMW
    ever.Steering feel and weight was pretty perfect in the late 90s through
    the mid
    2000s. Sometime after that..Even spending 3 days at the Nurburgring in a
    new M4 last summer did not
    make me excited about the car. Yes, its fast but I miss the feel.my 2016
    M3 is numb and disconnected from reality.I've owned many BMW's even
    raced them over the years.
    Not any more. They have become electronic nightmares that bare little
    resemblance to the finely crafted machines of the past. BMW, along with
    Audi are now little more than big expensive Lexus, copies. ..Electronic
    steering on a BMW is just as awful as on a hyundai. Numb
    zero, feedback, can't tell if your car is going too quickly around a
    curve until your ass flies across the seat. There's no resistance to
    give you the information you need to keep control, driving a car to its
    limits, instead it's like sitting on a sofa with some idiotic game
    paddle in your hands. It's terrible and it's not they are trying to do
    better driving cars, they are doing it to save weight, just look at the
    flimsy sheet metal on many cars, the pliable flimsy plastic bumpers. THE
    the steering feel of the previous 3 series, better buys were the Audi
    A4, Mercedes C class, Volvo S60 & former Infinity G…

    Can't BMW see that without its unique advantage, the steering, it
    will lose market share & profit margins?

    BMW was a small manufacturer that would've been unable to compete in
    the global scene if not for its success at attracting the enthusiasts.
    The enthusiasts were attracted to BMW's unique advantage, the steering.
    The enthusiasts attraction to the superior 3 series' steering became
    leading automotive news. The rest of the public followed the news and
    made the 3 series the number 1 upscale sedan and made BMW a giant.

    Doesn't BMW know that its steering was the driver of its success?
    Don't they know that without this unique reason to buy a BMW, they will
    lose market share & profit margins? They'll have to resort to the
    discounting of the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class; or give up on the small
    sedan as did Infiniti with the G and probably Cadillac with the ATS.

  3. I'm confused, I just watched a 4m long unskippable add for a bmw 5 series, and just as the video of a car review was about to start, nothing happened….

  4. Why is part of the instrument cluster in hard plastic, while i see that in other cars it's all a big screen?

  5. lets be serious, who the fuck watch a 5 minute review when he/she buys a 50 000k car lol, everyone is here to see Rebeca. Oh btw, you ahs ish tsho phat it holdhs 2 seaths in the middle

  6. I hope for BMW that the new G series is better that the F series. Next car for me will be a Tesla.

  7. "A few thousand pounds more expensive"? Not in North America. There is a big difference.

  8. the Jaguar is NOT a competitor of the germans. Sorry, I fully understand the British spirit, but …..

  9. i don't understand why on earth she said "cheaper" 3 series… why don't you stick with "the 3 series" … it kinda hurts when yu refer a fuckin BMW as cheap.

  10. rebecca…these niggas on here are accusing me of calling your ass fat. lemme be clear. its large its nice and damn near perfect. have a nice day. k thnx bai

  11. with each passing year they get less attractive. 1997-2003 528i was attractive and plenty of options. Now the body lines look bad and almost like long crease dents from hitting a guard rail. And seriously, who needs an 8 speed automatic? The 4 speed is just fine

  12. pls use a person who can speak clear english when making a review as these r making for ppl from whole world

  13. what a review..so precise, honest and crisp. Highly impressed. Excellent presentation. Keep it up!

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