Home Car Review 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Regular Car Reviews

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Regular Car Reviews


We drive and review Chevy’s budget electric car: The Bolt.


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  1. Umm can someone please tell me what that maroon/red car is in the background at 12:23-30 – kinda looks Subaru Legacy/Liberty – certainly not a ute that was sold in Australia anyway … ??

  2. The eGolf (my wife's car) has essentially none of the EV weirdness, and that's mostly a good thing. It's a Golf, just…electric. The interior is basically the same as my Golf wagon (slightly nicer, if anything, because mine is an AWD base model), the shifter is the same as all current-gen VW auto shifters (except you get the "B" regen mode instead of "sport")and the exterior only has a few small touches that differentiate the eGolf bodykit from the GTI one. The downside of that, though, is that you get less range the Bolt because it's heavier and has less charge capacity since the batteries have to fit where a regular Golf mk7 keeps its fuel tank. I assume the Focus EV is a similar story. I'd be interested to see what you'd make of either of those "normal car" (or dare I say regular…) EVs.

  3. It's time for car enthusiats to buy their last car, after this generation of cars it'll go nowhere but down. Cars will be boring electric appliances that drives themselves. Just like we don't know how to ride a horse now, people in 50 years won't know how to drive a car.

  4. You still will never get that same excitement and reward off a Electric car unlike Turbocharging your combustion engine.. Idc how cheap electric cars are to insure, I'm NEVER buying anything with an electric motor.. And I'm staying true to that.. Rather buy a V8 before anything that's electric

  5. I got an ad for this video from Hyundai showing off their ventilated seats. They know their SWAMP ASS demographic.

  6. You can forget a standard electric plug for cars, about the only thing on PC's that hasn't been standardized is power connectors and I expect the same from these.

  7. They still have quite a ways to go before they can become mainstream. I drive a Honda Accord coupe. As a normal commuter, I fill up once every two weeks. Having something that's a slave to that cord is just not practical yet. When they get to the point where it needs charged say every few days, it'll become something practical.

  8. I loved my BMW i3. Had an amazing interior and it was really fun to drive. Just wish it went a little further than 90mi.

  9. having almost been hit as a pedestrian by an early EV because it was silent, some kind of audio cue of the car's presence is not a terrible idea.

  10. I'd like to see a 7 passenger electric vehicle. Drop a 100KWh battery and decent motors in a Traverse or a long wheelbase Equinox. 200-250 mile range. That would be useful to me. This one…it's a little small and cheap feeling especially for the money. I could see this selling a lot better at 25-28K than 40K.

  11. The white noise is do to prius owners running out blind people no joke. Blind people trying to cross streets and parking lots where being hit because it's so quiet. So to avoid this issue they made the white noise so they can stop getting sued.

  12. Every time I watch a new video here, I'm constantly having alarms going off in my head on where the songs at the beginning and end are taken from.
    This time, I recognized "Ahead On Our Way" from Final Fantasy 7 as the ending cover. I like it.

  13. Most cars today are gonna have cheap plastic interior, I've seen it on a couple Mercedes-Benz. Interior quality is gone in today's world and plastic makes it cheap and light..but mostly cheap.

  14. RIP to the mans soul that bought this. Matter of fact, RIP to anyone that buys these stupid electric cars.

  15. Thank GOD someone had the balls to lay into it for all the annoying things it has. Drove this last week, good power good economy, poor design, poor interior, poor comfort. Bring on the good EV for Christ sake! EVs are awesome… when they're made properly.
    To many "reporters" just kiss ass so that they get invited back to the next shitty conference so they can fill they're faces full of cheep snacks.

  16. I live where it gets cold as shit and some times we have to plug our cars in (heaters so they will start). IDK how many times people have seen the plug sticking out of my grill and have gave me shit asking me if it was electric (knowing it isn't). I do own a house now but I used to have to run a 100 foot bright orange extension cord out to my vehicle in the winter so it would start in the morning.

    In the 2 decades of doing this, it was only unplugged once and I think someone just tripped over it. Although I suppose if someone looked over and saw it was an electric car.. the "ha ha faggot" factor might increase the chances of it happening quite a bit.

  17. I watch this video every morning when I start my day. Rcr you and roman have THE BEST youtube channel please continue to make your viewers smile every day!

  18. The electric car will bring back un-reliablility 🙂   Ever seen a iPhone over 5 years old……didn't think so.   The battery will die.

  19. Am I the only one who would make a game of using the paddle to stop, then get so serious I end up bumping another car hoping to stop within an inch of it.

  20. Whatever happened to linear automatic shifters? Hell, just use a column shifter. Why does every car these days have to have it go all over the place with some of the functions sometimes mapped to buttons?

    As for why the governor is specifically at 93 mph, it might have to do with that speed being roughly 150 km/h, which is a nice round number I guess.

  21. Have a 2014 Tesla Model S and I love it but I must admit that right now I am not willing to make any EV my only means of transportation. Maybe in a few years.

  22. If you want to travel back to Jersey and drive a 2017 Civic Turbo, let me know! I can even throw in a drive in a 2012 Kia Optima!

  23. 7:23 blob of jello bouncing down the highway… 442k subs… maybe time for a camera gimbal instead of warp stabilizer in post

  24. 40k for maybe 200 mi and potential 2 day charge? No.

    I don't think people are opposed to electric vehicles, but they are opposed to impractical-government subsidized crap.

  25. GM once again cocked up a perfectly good idea by glossing over obvious design flaws. Basing it on a subcompact chassis necessitates the weird 17" wide seats. Most cars have 20" seats. I fit fine in them being 6"2 with a 32" waist but when I lower the seat the armrest is too high to comfortably use it. Who missed that? The shitter is retarded what is wrong with copying the Prius joystick? It lets you know your driving something different but it makes sense. But GM killed the Volt too by making it less accommodating than a Prius. The backseat is cramped and a hatchback with only 10 cubic feet of space derpey durr. The Malibu Hybrid is on of their most solid efforts but it seems to get no respect. Not it will play second fiddle to the Camry and Accord Hybrids since they figured out how to put the battery under the back seat.
    GM could easily fix the charging issue adopting the Tesla plug and making a deal for folks to purchase power from them or install DC fast chargers at their dealers in North America, they are everywhere.
    BTW your commentary is dangerous but funny.

  26. I live in Trumann Arkansas, a town where if you have an extension cord running out your window to charge your electric car some meth addict will likely yank it out, not just to spite you, but to steal your power, they'll run that extension cord over to the abandoned house they're squatting in because they have no electricity because they blow all their money on dope and can't afford to pay the electric deposit

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