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2017 Chevrolet Tahoe: Review


In this video I’ll test drive the NEW 2017 Chevy Tahoe and of course completely go over everything about this beast including exterior, interior, engine bay & much more… Hope you like!

Big thanks to Sutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2017 Chevy Tahoe! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.


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  1. This might be stupid question. But does this come in right hand drive? Or do i have to custom order? Im living in asian region our steering wheels is on right….. (yes, a bit idiotic….says my american colleagues)

  2. Great Review! Out of all the reviews I watched for the Tahoe, yours was hands down the easiest to follow. I was interested in it the whole time and it answered many questions I had about the Tahoe. Stay gold pony boy

  3. hating my hoe looking at my toe. look at my hook verses are for curses. as your purse i gave her a nurse. Tahoe tied the hoe.

  4. Not sure about anyone else but the 2017 Tahoe rides awful, it's as bad or worse than my 3/4ton truck. Test drove both a 2017 Tahoe and 2017 Durango same day on the same exact bumpy industrial park road. Wow the Tahoe was rough, bouncy and bumpy riding, super dead pedal with no get up n go. Just not anywhere near as nice riding and handling as I would think. The Durango was 10x better over bumps, cracks, less body roll, the throttle actually worked. GM needs to step up their game big time.

  5. I love the Tahoe. I wish we could get this in the UK. Never mind wouldn’t fit our tiny roads anyway. 😞

  6. Hola sr esta súper camioneta esta súper hermosa y muy elegante y muy distguida y esta súper camionetas para ka gente importante y le envió un cordial saludo de su amigo de siempre fco Nares cvhoy 24 mayo 2019 saludos desde mi país de México

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