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2017 Chevy Malibu – Review and Road Test


The 9th generation Malibu hits the reset button not only on Chevy’s midsize sedan, but also on the expectations of all Chevrolet sedans. Join KBB’s Zach Vlasuk to find out why.

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  1. Small turbos do deliver power but only so much and with noise. I don't like the initial lag on turbos. I like this car but would it would be better with a 6 cylinder. I know this car is not for racing but power makes driving more fun and safe. I have read that the seats are more comfortable than an Impala's seat. I don't see how considering they are smaller. I like the Impala but the seat comfort has some issues. I also am concerned about the poor rear view visablity of the Impala and that is why I am at least looking at this Malibu. Is it just as bad as the Impala's? I need to sit on one of these and check out the head room. I am not fond of head crowding Moon roofs but I have found it difficult to find a car without one…

  2. I had this for a rental. It was okay. It was in fact quite, but the blind spots on it were huge, it got terrible gas mileage I got 12 MPG, I hate the fact that if you lock the car at night the backup lights come on, confusing the people driving past thinking that I'm backing out. The speakers weren't that great. The gear shifter (6 speed auto) was confusing and hard to see if I'm in neutral or in drive because there is no feel to it and the light that tells you if you in drive has a major lag to it (about .5 – 1 sec). You could barely hear the horn when you're trying to find it. If you push the A/C button it doesn't actually turn on even though the light turns on, you have to push it again until the light is green for it to work. I could not find the trunk button so I had to use the one on the key fob. The radio was good. It had good pickup. The steering had a good feel.

  3. I own an Impala and I love it. I think this car is so sad looking and ugly…. The Malibu looks like the little ugly brother to the Impala… The previous generation looked much better. IMO

  4. I like his design, I have a chevy malibu 75, I don t understand why new cars bring 4 cylinders. My old malibu has a V8 305 in 5 second i'm flying. Should also bring a big engine.

  5. Still rings cheap . What's with the white spot above the brake light .? Same as the Cruz . There's nothing there just white . The white spots in the trunk lights are for reverse lights . Weird shit . Accord !

  6. I think this guy did a good job.
    Also, I know he's an enthusiast when he talks about debadging his car. So 🙂 Right there with ya.

  7. Yeah, not feeling it. Every generation of the Malibu I can remember in my life has always felt like an Impala wish-it-was. It looks like it wants to be, it acts like it down to the packaging… And is anyone else going to point out how dumb the name is? The Chevrolet "Malibu"… How could I buy it, and then introduce it to people. "This is my Chevrolet 'Malibu'"… Sounds pretentious just in writing.

    And now this one has other problems, like a 13 gallon tank in a midsize sedan. Automatic engine stop-start. Even poorer options structure. Just not down on the Malibu.

  8. Just purchased a 2017 Malibu and it's great awesome!!!!! It's the 1.5 LT and it's gets it in he highway! Great job on this model!!! Unfortunately I have the 2013 edition and it has some flaws that they corrected with this one!!!!!!

  9. Very stylish car. Why are Chevy cars priced so high compared to their competition though? I can't see paying more for a Chevy over ANYTHING else in the same class. Reliability likely won't be too good. Resale will stink. Seems like a poor value, even if it looks great. Oh, and STOP with this stupid trend of putting tiny turbo motors in every car. A larger non-turbo 4cyl from the competition gives the same kind of fuel economy with fewer expensive parts to break.

  10. Although i like the new malibu 2017 , i feel its falling short in the headroom department. I feel the accord can offer much more headroom than the malibu.
    I love the direct steering of chevys, even my friend who drives a corolla said he prrefers my cruze over it because of the steering and road feel.

  11. That hard upper dash bothers me- the Honda Accord has soft touch materials- well almost everywhere on the top of the doors and dash

  12. Ok. I am Trying to buy a new car, but can't decide. I have a 626 which I love, so I was gearing towards the new Mazda 6. Only con is that it doesn't offer v6 engine. This was my second choice. Don't know much about cars…did some research. Which one is the better choice if either?

  13. id get this car just for the vented seats. There arent too many cars out there with this feature. Its very cool. no pun intended

  14. What do you guys think of the Bose audio in the Chevy Malibu compared to the Sony audio in the Ford Fusion?

  15. 36 grand for a loaded premier with a 4 cyl……thats truly laughable…..I'll show myself out. ..

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