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2017 Dacia Sandero review | What Car?


The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest new car in the UK, but can it still cut it against rivals like the Skoda Fabia and Ford Fiesta?

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  1. [Fantastic review] [Stumbled upon it totally by accident]

    I wish these were sold in Canada. I miss the no-frills car, where pretty much everything is simplistic and manual. You feel more at one with your car when you have full control over everything. My Hyundai Pony was likely the second most dangerous thing I've driven in my life, and I still love her…even though she's long gone. I just get the vibe that the Sandero could well be 2017's Pony.

  2. Well she is a Top gear presenter who is promoting more expensive cars and she does not know sod all about cars what idiot gave Her the job she is like a spoilt kid after all the gizmos-Grow Up Little Girl!!!!!.

  3. Bring it to the U.S. ! We need good basic transportation! Every high school and college kid (except for the ones at HAA–VAAD) will want 1!

  4. We've had one for about 18 months now, for the money?……….very good. 🙂 And tbh…….unless you do in excess of 10,000 p.a. do we really need £25,000 Audi's? I suspect that lot of people that drive those live in a bedsit or with their mums! lol

  5. Looks like an alright motor to me and good for the money. I just want something to get me from A to B without extra frilly nonsense (which means more things to go wrong). No car stereo, no problem I will just take a cheap radio or mp3 player with me, likewise, for Satnav, I can use my phone.

  6. It would be nice to see how these cars handle years later, to see if they're reliable or not, I understand the cars use 'proven (old) tech to ensure reliability is good' but would be good to see a review of a 2013 or so model after it's completed a lot of miles. to see if they're reliable or fall after…I haven't seen anything either way…no news is good news right?

  7. I got a logan great family car mid range and love it. So economic kids love it and why do i need a sat nav considering there on every phone

  8. The only option on the Dacia Sandero is a spare wheel.  No color, nothing else at all.

  9. buy the diesel , it is used in mercedes a klass , and they dont seem to complain there

  10. I can't believe it… Did she just tried out a bold version of a great car just to say it's bad?Have you ever heard of the S T E P W A Y version,lady?!But why didn't she buy the most expensive model for the car,huh?

  11. The sales figures in uk are proof of how popular Dacia cars have become.Most people are only interested to get from A to B cheaply and safely. Dacia does that perfectly !!!

  12. Sooo unprofessional this girl…
    …she's so stupid…everything is bad on this car!!!!!
    She said that the diesel engine it's so noisy and vibrant like a wash machine….hey maybe you should get lost…that it's the exact same diesel engine that you find in the new Renault Clio!!!!!!!! and Nissan Juke….Nissan Qashqai…Mercedes A160 and A180 Diesel…

  13. I thought the test drive was so good I bought a new one , in December 2017, Of course its cheap it a budget car , but that doesn't mean its not a good car , Its a very good car Loads of interior space my previous ,2014 Micra Acenta couldn't hold half as much as what the Sandero boot can hold , the fuel consumption on this Car is astounding where a Micra would be down to half a tank now, My Sandero's fuel has only slightly moved . Smooth engine . ,Yes it only has a Radio [no CD] but it does have a USB slot in the front of the radio , just download your favourite music to memory stick and plug it in no need to find where to store all those space taking CDs .

  14. i´d rather buy a used corsa d, it comes with a radio as standard, air con as standard, also has a couple of air bags, has full steering wheel adjustment, full seat adjustments, a lot of space inside, better looks overall and so on 😀

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