Home Car Review 2017 Dodge Challenger TA Review !! From A Hellcat Owners Perspective….

2017 Dodge Challenger TA Review !! From A Hellcat Owners Perspective….


Special S/O to Stillwater Fury Jeep for their amazing customer service and for all the GREAT people they have working there!! I really appreciated your great service!!

Heres their address & Number : ( Website Link Below As Well )

(651)- 777 – 0300

12969 60th St. N, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082


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  1. I'd get the 392 in Destroyer Gray, then tint the windows, & the windshield.. right at or close to 500hp/500tq with a 6spd Manual is more than plenty

    A yo Cory without a doubt that 71 Hemi Cuda WILL BE BYFAR THE COOLEST MUSCUL CAR THAT WILL EVER BE ON YOUR CHANNEL. #RealTalk

  2. Dang man this was a great video to watch. I'm tall with a challenger, but without all the horses. Living through you right now

  3. my Buddy got the same color but Automatic transmission, who said T/A only got manual Transmission?

  4. You truly are inspirational. I have a 17 camaro 2ss but been a fan of the hellcats for some time. Things are lining out for me to possibly get my hellcat next year as well, and seeing your love for it got me stoked on getting that car. I love my camaro but nothing like 707 hp smh. That power is addictive. Plus it's great to see someone like myself in these videos that came up in the struggles and yet living their dreams.

  5. i had to go back to video before watching the brandnew one and it definitely makes the new video so much more entertaining because you know the back story. great video bro.

    also, man keep gridning on youtube bro. you have the personality for this. never stop. you should collaborate with another youtuber with a bigger channel and you will blowup

  6. I really like the new T/A. But, I think Dodge should have went with the T/A hood of the original, functional of course.
    I think it would have a better look overall. I have a 2015 SRT392 and love that car. I have wanted a challenger since 1970 and never got one. Had a 1970 Cuda, 70 Roadrunner and 69 Charger R/T. And having driven the old ones. These new Mopars are the best of power, comfort and safety. The Challenger has it all over the Camaro and Mustang in the looks department.
    Mopar is doing it right.

  7. I felt like I was in church again when u started preachin. Not a lot of people know about god and how much he helps you. but good review and stay humble

  8. Wut up Tall Guy?! Lovin these vids man keep it up. I wonder if there is a way to hook up with Dodge marketing to get you some extra cash flow. I bet you'd make a good hype man for that Mopar lineup. Just a thought.

  9. I'm new to your channel bro and I already see the positivity keep it up bro. I plan on buying me a R/T soon

  10. What level is the TA on between the rt srt8 hellcat etc. in terms of performance

  11. Great positive review, nice ride. Positive happy people. It was great to watch… except….You guys are not use to drive manual over there.Greetings from Switzerland

  12. This shit reminds me of an episode of bait car! Niggas having too much of a good time ???

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