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2017 Ford F-250 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Ford’s revamped F-250 is heavy on sophistication and technology. An available off-road package gives the truck a high stance and an imposing presence.

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  1. I have had Ford Rangers for 15? 20 yrs…… Dont know what to get next time since it was a perfect size for small or big jobs.

  2. Beautiful rig, but what a price tag! I guess the same could be said for GM and Ram and the other models.

  3. The prejudice of consumer reports is so blatant in this report it makes me vomit.
    Calling the truck by so many negative names shows me this reporter just does not know how to handle a truck.

  4. $67k get the fuck out of here. lol i would have to work for one year just to pay for it. No thanks. I would rather buy a bulldozer

  5. 2:11 what a creative floor carpet for the back seat the square proportions and cream color make it look like a living room

  6. Remember when trucks were tools, and your seat was a bench seat lined with vinyl? Seriously, for someone who wants to use this as a tool, what good is freakin leather and everything else here that just jacks up the price in the name of luxury? No wonder it's 67 grand. It's a Merc with a bed built on a frame.

  7. The sticker shock is old. You can still buy them with a 2 doors, vinyl bench seats, rubber floor, and AM/FM radio for $26k and $32k in F-150 and F-250. Just skip the ventilated leather seats, panoramic moonroof, self-parking/trailer, bigger/diesel engine…

  8. I love how these guys write reviews but don't really know what they are talking about sometimes. the truck bed camera isn't for checking out what's in your "cargo box"…it's for backing up to your fifth wheel trailer and only works while the truck is in reverse. thought you should know CR.. cool guy

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