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2017 Ford Fiesta ST review | What Car?


The Ford Fiesta ST sounds great, handles brilliantly and will put a smile on your face for a very reasonable cost. Visit http://bit.ly/2htKWK0 to find out how much we can save you on a new Ford Fiesta.

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  1. Maybe the U.K. version is louder then the one we get in the states, but here the lack of noise is a common complaint about them. But you do a good job presenting and wish you well.

  2. I'm selling my Nissan 350z and putting more money to get one of these will I be disappointed after having 300hp

  3. I’ve had my 2015 st3 mountune stage 1 for 2 months now and it’s bloody brilliant, I get 46mpg average and it goes like stink when you want to.. a bit of a harsh low speed ride but it’s not a big problem, the worst thing about it is the satnav, it’s shite and not easy to use. Apart from that it’s well worth getting!

  4. Just got a 2017 fiesta ST can't tell what trim it has cause I don't think my seats are leather but I have a touch screen infotainment center

  5. Have a 2017 st3 absolutely love it, previous car was a bmw 1 series diesel m sport, fiesta way more fun.

  6. What is the appeal of this vehicle? Aside from the performance in relation to its size, the rest is junk. The interior is wretched and all in all, this car is WAY overpriced.

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