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2017 Genesis G90 Car Review


Genesis is the newest luxury brand offered in the US. Buyers that want the refinement and value of the G90 flagship will have to do without a prestigious badge and shop at a Hyundai dealership. Tom Voelk reviews the Genesis G90 V6 3.3T model.

My apologies for the multiple reloads, the video turned sepia tone and I was unable to edit it on the dashboard for some reason.

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  1. I would get this over historically problematic, statuts brand, bad aging German luxury vehicle any day.

  2. why buy Genesis when Lincoln Continental or Cadillac CT6 are cheaper and sexier looking. This is a poor man's S/7/LS/A8 class wannabe. It looks good, but it still is a value car with luxury features targeted towards 50s-60s…definitely not a luxury car worthy of any chauffeurs to drive.

    Just release New York Concept as is just like LC500 did, people will start noticing Genesis.

  3. Could you please tack the "heritage" thing somewhere deep into something… Real buyers need more options to consider.

  4. V8, and luxury, and so much inside. Hyundai is in the game. Love it. Makes it tougher for the Germans, and the Japanese. A good thing.

  5. I would love to have it, loved it ever since it was announced as it shows people do not care that much about a badge anymore, but about being valued by a maker. Shame I can't and probably will never be able to afford it. 🙁

  6. I have to say…Hyundai dealerships are ALL very nice and modern. So walking past an Elantra to save $10,000s over the luxury competition is not an insult in any way.

  7. I agree that modern cars don't need much servicing. I've had 5 new vehicles in the last 15 yrs and only one needed a minor warranty repair. A 2004 Dodge Dakota had a squeak in the steering column.
    I do all my own maintenance, which drives the dealerships insane but saves me big bucks, and I have peace of mind knowing it was done to my satisfaction.

  8. Great car. Terrible review show. The guy driving sounds like an idiot who doesn't know shit from flowers, reading a script.

  9. The G90 is truly a beautiful, uncommon car in Canada, great warranty, but for the price they will beat any completion, even Mercedes S class. Very good on gas, high resale value, worthwhile investment for people that do not want a Cadillac, or European car

  10. Cars like this are what i call "2nd tier luxury". They have many good features, but don't have the same legacy and zing as Bmw/Merc/Audi. But if you want the luxury without drawing unnecessary attention, 80% for 60% of the price, Genesis seems to provide well. I suppose Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura could fit in this category too.

  11. Have owned a G90 for 6 months now. Outstanding luxury car the equal of an S-Class in every respect except prestige and price. A similarly equipped Mercedes would cost $45,000 more. That’s too much to pay for snob-appeal.

  12. I'm still more than impressed by the G90, and I'd like to ride in one anytime that could happen. That said, the Genesis midsize CUV needs to come out NOW, and they should follow the Alfa model and build the CUV on the 3-series sized RWD platform like the Stinger GT.

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