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2017 GMC Acadia Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


A 2017 redesign brings a lighter, shorter GMC Acadia to the mid-sized SUV segment. However, this SUV does little to stand out among its competitors from Jeep, Honda and Toyota.

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  1. Too bad. The old Acadia was the perfect size. We've had a 2012 and 2015 and loved both of them and their perfect size – we loved the space. It's a shame the new model is smaller.

  2. Why is this American car, made in America, is competitively priced to its German and Japanese rivals? Until it can outperform, outlast, and retain its value, then don't price it at a foreign price. I don't understand the American logic in that.

  3. The GMC Acadia 2016 was great. It was large to accommodate children, plus equipment when you surf, snowboard, kayak, bike, camp, backpack, etc. But now with the 2017 makes it like a car. Its small. short. Not it compared itself to the tiny Ford Explorer. Which used to be large and now wanting to be another car. Fing idiots! GMC Acadia is crap like the little tiny Explorer which both of these should no longer be called SUV;s It seems GM is affraid these are big. Hello it is an SUV we need them large. We are not lazy people going to the movie or dance club or dinner or taking a beach chair and towel to the beach. In this case take the car. You co not need an SUV like the rest of us. If you want a car buy a car, if you want a minivan get a minivan if you want an SUV please let it be large and like a usable SUV not a car like who is affraid to look like a truck.

  4. i like this suv and this is what i orignally wanted before the current SUV i have now. i did not buy this SUV because its obviously pricey, but you know that saying…you get what you pay for. I think even as they (consumer reports) makes a big thing about the 3rd row seat, for me i dont think its that much of a big deal. i like to have a nice size suv but the 3rd row seat is a optional thing to have. even as i buy it when it can seat 6 with the cool pilot seating or 7 with the middle part in, i would just have the 3rd row as a 'just in case' seating when going on a long trip or any other place. its not something that would be used all the time, but something to have when its used sometimes despite the small seating.

  5. Dude looks like he shops at WholeFoods, drives a Subaru, and goes to Phish concerts, if you get my drift

  6. Why are most car reviewers so unmanly and lacking any sort of charisma? It's quite pathetic. How do these people get their jobs? I guess we'll never know…

  7. every car video has a camera on the person talking and it's never on the dash board. it's what a driver sees everything there in the car. if you want to be on video then make one about yourself. if it's about a car then show the whole car including the interior dash. gosh.

  8. No 2017 model today that can range into the 45k price level should come with a 6 speed automatic transmission. Even GM's Malibu offers an 8 speed. This and the fact that's it seems 10% overpriced across the board is a deal breaker for me.

  9. I don't understand how your average middle class person is supposed to be able to afford these 50,000 vehicles. Who is GMC making their vehicles for?

  10. I have taken this car for a test drive, and it drives great, much better than the current gen Ford Explorer. I have also driven the 2016 Toyota Highlander, 2016 Honda Pilot, Kia Sorrento and Nissan Pilot. I feel this Acadia has the best combination of being right sized, with strong in car technology (The Pathfinder CVT is highly unreliable, the 9 Speed transmission in the Pilot has issues, as well as their lack of nobs with their in car tech). The Toyota Highlander is obviously reliable, but I just don't love the looks, and the Kia Sorrento is too small for me (Family of 4 with two teens). The Mazda CX 9 is actually too big for me, and I don't love Mazda's in car tech. The 2017 GMC Acadia would be my first American Car purchase in 30 years. I am going to lease for the first time, so hoping its reliable from the get go.

  11. Made it smaller..to boost sales of your yukon. Fuck off.
    You made the GMC adicia cheaper but you know people want the bigger engine making them spend more money..then the 32K on 2016.

  12. I don't know who they're appealing to with this vehicle- a 3rd row suitable for kids only, and how do you lose 24% of your towing capacity while shedding 600-700lbs from the vehicle weigh?

    The Acadia use to be a great compromise to a minivan, now it's just a average compromise to everything else.

  13. I have an 2014 Acadia Denali. Had a 2011 and a 2007 too. I guess I gotta look elsewhere now when my lease is up. Tried to avoid it, but Mini Van, here I come!

  14. i have a gmc acadia 2010 sle1 and i love it, perfect for travelling from province to province, best in winter here in south Canada.

  15. I wish GMC would have kept the big size. I have a family of 5 and my 2015 Acadia fits my family quite well. I guess when it is time to get a car vehicle in the future I will have to look to the Yukon/Expedition size truck.

  16. Don't like that they made it smaller. The size was a huge selling point to us in the past. Though I disagree with the fuel economy. We never got as low as 16 MPG all around. Usually closer to 19, which is not bad for a big car like this. Yep, not sure this really will our choice moving forward. I don't really care about all the tech crap. Just more stuff that can go wrong. Size matters more, and so now one might face more $$ to move to a Yukon.

  17. Sometimes automakers end up making a big mistake, and I think this downsize is a good example. And it seems all for one reason – fuel economy when gas is $2/gal. The #1 complaint I hear about all 3-row crossovers from both consumers and reviewers is lack of space in 3rd row and cargo behind 3rd row. If anything, everyone should be upsizing 3-row crossovers. Just look at the best seller in the segment, the Ford Explorer. Is it a coincidence that it has one of the best 3rd rows and the most space behind it? Exactly. Imagine if Ford were to decide to downsize the next Explorer to squeeze out another 2 MPG? Ford wouldn't here the end of it. Buyers are willing to pay for the gas in these things. We want space without having to buy a minivan or full size body on frame SUV.

  18. I can't for the life of me understand why you guys don't use the Nissan Pathfinder for comparison. It has an award-winning 3.5 liter V6 which, when paired with its smooth driving CVT, NOT ONLY brings in better gas mileage than ALL of its competitors, not only does it also seat two actual adults in the rear, but has 7000 POUNDS TOWING!!! … which is LOADS better than any of its competition! No, forget that overpriced cow, I mean calf, offered by GMC… Give me the refreshed 2017 Pathfinder and I'll keep on my grin knowing most people seem to have no clue how it edges out the competition on about every level,,, INCLUDING PRICE!!

  19. this car looks badass. and if you drive one you look like an fbi agent. i love it. p.s. i might be watching too many movies.

  20. I own the 2014 Acadia and LOVE it, when servicing my Acadia I went to check the new Acadia 2017 and it feels so much smaller. It does feel better made but its so small 🙁 sadly I will not get the new Acadia, too small for my needs, I hope Buick Enclave or the Chevy Traverse will not shrink so I will be able to get the size I want and stay with GM.

  21. Is there any online resource which gives details about the AWD system in non-AllTerrain trim levels? Most of the online resources talk about twin-clutch AWD system of all-terrain. How does AWD in 2017 Acadia compare to SH-AWD or Quattro ?

  22. Full loaded with everything, only $56K. Not including destination charge of $1K however. So it quite a bargain if you compare it against BMW X5 i35! I am just waiting for the GM rebates to start so I can order my Acadia Denali!

  23. We have the 2013 & LOVE it- our lease is ending & I HATE this new design- it now looks like every other mis-size SUV on the market. I loved the strong lines & size of the old model- the Limited is out of our price range- we may look at a Terrain or switch over the the Chrysler Pacifica. So sad they got rid of such a standout car- we had recommended it to 3 friends- who all purchased/ leased Acadias- can no longer recommend for our family or too others. Hope GMC will reconsider.

  24. I'm guessing the Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave will look similar to the GMC Acadia when they get their redesigns.

  25. I have GMC Acadia 2010 SLT2, and I am not that happy, I spent like $4500 to fix my suspension, Bluetooth never worked, heavy car and low engine power – 3.6, interior quality plastic feel – not good, Its been 6 years with my current Acadia, planning to switch to other better brand / car. or may buy 2017 Acadia don't know yet! any advice on the 2017 Acadia or wait for design change and better powerful engine.

  26. I like the car, but this is Volvo XC90 money and that car is on a different level. The Denali should be closer to the Honda Pilot in price, which maxes out with all the gizmos at 48

  27. I have to say. We have a 2014 gmc acadia. we're thinking of upgrading. Not any more. the newer model is way to small. the look now looks more feminine with a much smaller look. the older look was much more rugged looking. This model might as well be a mini van. bad choice in design . Just a consumers honest opinion.

  28. We have 2015 model and I don't think it's too big and we consistently get 20mpg. GM did not need to downsize it. We are a family of five and like the fact that we have two extra seats in case we need them like when my parents or in laws tag along.

  29. There's not much difference in the Acadia and the Terrain with this new design. It's pricier and there's a huge loss in the roominess that the Acadia is known for. I understand why they feel it was necessary to make the change but after driving both vehicles, I don't see any true advantage in the 2017 Acadia design that would make it a good buy.

  30. $49 K!! and the one just below there is 43K Half of those safety features included in that package our standard on a $35,000 Highlander, not to mention the value, so unless you plan on keeping the Arcadia forever you can save about 7K with the Highlander

  31. I have a 2011, and also a 2017 Acadia, I have to say it is a bit smaller, but other than that, the 2017 Acadia is a great car!

  32. I think there making the Acadia smaller so that way if people need a real SUV, they will pay more money by buying a Yukon or suberban or escalade

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