Home Car Review 2017 Honda Accord – Assessment and Road Test

2017 Honda Accord – Assessment and Road Test


The Honda Accord not only constantly sets the benchmark for all other family sedans, it has a single of the most loyal followings in the marketplace. So, does the Accord’s midcycle refreshing incorporate to its envious industry placement?

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  1. Honda continues to be stuck on stupid. My biggest complaint with the Accord is their seats are awful and totally uncomfortable on long drives. I've never seen a company so damn dumb as to not realize they need to offer an up graded luxury seat. How much more could it add to the cost. I currently own a accord but will not buy another for that exact reason.

  2. i liked Honda and Acura, but not anymore after transmission failed 3 times on 2 of my V6 Accord and TLS. Loads of engine problems. But too much plastic, and quality isn't there yet.

  3. What should I get?
    2017 Honda Accord touring ($35000)
    2017 Kia Optima Ex tech (31000)
    Even at 4000$ less, ( here in Canada) the Kia Optima still offers features that the Accord still doesn't! But I question the optimas reliability and resale value

  4. SE or EX? I really want the SE because it has black leather seats with red stitching on a white exterior. 4 more HP with dual exhaust but I feel like the SE is missing so much compared to an EX (push the start, moonroof, and lane watch) Also, getting a white EX if I do but those Ivory seats are so ugly. Haha, Should I just settle for an EX cause its just $300 more? Suggestions anyone?

  5. I need facts from some Accord owners. I'm torn between the Accord I4 or the V6. I really want the V6 but I don't want to sacrifice gas mileage just for power. I want the V6 because of the LED Headlights. I currently drive a 99 Toyota Camry and my gas mileage estimates are 23/29. (I get really good gas mileage, in my opinion, and from my experience. My car is a 4 cylinder.) I realized if I get the Accord V6 I would still get better gas mileage than my current car, since the Accord V6 advertises 21/32, and sometimes 21/34. The only problem is, a friend of mine drives an accord 4 cylinder and she said she's actually getting Accord V6 mileage. She's averaging low 20s in the city and high 20s/low 30s on the highway. I'm sure this is because of how she drives and other conditions. I realize that if this is true and I buy a V6, there's a huge chance I will get even worse gas mileage. I don't want to buy the V6 and regret it. So, what mileage is everyone actually getting with their 4 cylinder Accords or V6 Accords?

  6. what is it about that ugly Center power button that you guys like so much I think his butt ugly and prefer no buttons

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