Home Car Review 2017 Honda Civic – Evaluation and Street Exam

2017 Honda Civic – Evaluation and Street Exam


The Honda Civic is again and superior than at any time. Or is it? Join KBB’s Micah Muzio to locate out.

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  1. Hey everyone PLEASE be careful if you're thinking about buying a new Honda. I just bought a 2017 Civic Touring and have had nothing but electrical issues. Out of the last 9 days of owning the car it's been in the shop 7 days. PLEASE look up all the electrical issues the newer Hondas have. Please. The subwoofer constantly rattles, my center screen has went dark, the adaptive cruise control slams on its breaks without another car present, etc.

  2. I always laugh when I see the back end of a civic at night, and a few other cars. This 'bracket' style rear lamps look like Charlie brown's face when he's frustrated.

  3. I wouldn't buy this POS Honda with it's stupid rev hang manual. What's the point of having a manual in a sports trim and have a full second rev hang? The Mazda 3 is a better drivers car.

  4. Is this new 2017 Honda Civic really as bad as I'm reading in some of these comments? I've been researching the crap out of new cars lately, as I might buy one come Spring Break, and up until last night, it was between the Subaru WRX Premium and the new Honda Civic. I thought it was a no-brainer, after taking a deeper look at it, that I should go with the Civic based on the features it presented, the incredible gas mileage, and the prices. I've found that some of you, however, are complaining about major tech issues and other failures within months of owning it. I'm thinking of going to the top-of-the-line Touring trim, but am a little worried after browsing the comments.

  5. Is this an ad or what?

    If you think it has good acceleration, what is the 0-60?

    I don't know. When someone comes out with a new car, I don't go, 'hey this is worth considering'. I immediately ask myself how it improved it's rank with the rest of the cars. And that is confusing, because the variety of prices and features that automakers use to try and keep in you in the dark. You might as well say, 'hey, it's got 4 wheels'.

  6. love how in the uk biggest engine we get with the civic is 142ps, why cant we get turbo charged 170+ ones…

  7. LOL! Honda does a great job of making cars look even more plastic looking, honestly it looks like open ass. They try way to hard. Have test driven one of these just to see, and I'll tell ya, there's much better out there in this segment, this car is loud inside and rattles often on harsh pavement. The transmission sucks, the engine is loud, and the brakes are not up to par. It's only good if your a Honda fan I suppose. Interestingly enough, not only has Volkswagen, Dodge, and now Honda have been caught with tampering with the vehicles computer emissions software. Go figure. Cheating is cheating, not excuses just the truth… oh yeah, I forgot, Americans don't like the truth. So move on right? LOL ?

  8. maybe its just me but does anyone else think that the touring version is essentially a luxury car minus the extra costs that come with a badge?

  9. I was on the fence about the Civic hatchback or mazda 3 hatchback. Drove both and ended up buying the Civic EXL hatch. Driveability isn't even close, the Civic is Unbelievably responsive. Civic has more HP and better gas mileage. Lacking a volume nob is my only complaint so far.

  10. I just traded in my 2016 Civic. The CVT transmission is so bad I almost had an accident. I had a hard stop and get going situation by an intersection. The transmission failed to react quickly. I was standing in the middle of the road and my car just didn't started to accelerate. Those seconds and delay counts big time! The other issue that I had is the wet road, not to mention snowy road conditions. The 17" Firestone F140 tires are completely useless. 50 mph on a highway in wet road is already dangerous with these. 2 inch snow and you are lost with these tires. So I wish I had Michelin Premier A/S on it and get manual transmission instead of CVT.

  11. Im seriously interested in getting this car for a daily but damn that electronic parking break is making me change my mind. Pulling the ebrake has saved my front fenders a few times in the winter. Not to mention the fun you can have.

  12. I recommend the hatchback. it has so much more cargo room and it looks so dam sexy. it's also a lot wider too with a more aggresive look

  13. Still aren't with the times, they need to improve a lot on their prices. You really don't get what you pay for anymore. They lack features other competitors have in the same class.

  14. my 2013 civic has been very reliable through the first 75k, but i kind of hate it. the auto transmission is occasionally jerky, it's only ok on fuel, and the car has so many annoying alerts on the display . this one looks much better.

  15. I just noticed at :42 the driver just cut across a right turn only lane to make his own right turn. You are doing a review on city streets, please learn to drive or be ready to get pulled over by the cops.

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