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2017 Honda CR-V Touring Car Review


The fourth generation Honda CR-V was the most popular S.U.V. sold in the U.S. during 2016. Generation 5 won’t make it any easier for the competition. Tom Voelk reviews the Honda CR-V Touring model.

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Also, if you’ve ever wondered how the TP Trunk Test came to be, check out the end of this video.

About Tom:
Tom Voelk is an award-winning automotive contributor to The New York Times. His podcast was the first to win an Emmy Award. He also married way out of his league. Now, stop reading this promotional copy bragging about Tom’s photography and editing skills and watch a couple episodes. It’s much more interesting.

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  1. The CRV is NOT a small CRV. It's just powered and priced like one. It has as much or more cargo room than a Volvo XC60.

  2. I'd trade the radio volume knob for a real, old-fashioned speedometer and tachometer. I'm not liking that horizontal tach and digital speedometer at all! I might even try to buy a leftover 2016 model rather than live with the redesigned dash on the 2017.
    As for all the nanny features in the Honda Sensing package, spend $35 for a defensive driving course and make yourself a better driver, rather than spending 4 figures on tech features that do the things you should be doing yourself when you're behind the wheel. I haven't had any of those things on any car I've owned, and I haven't had an accident in over 30 years now.
    I enjoy watching your reviews!

  3. The styling changes may seem subtle, but to my eye this is the 1st CR-V brawny enough that dads wouldn't refuse to be seen driving it without passengers. I'm legitimately shocked at the tasteful conservative style of the cabin, too.

  4. I am thinking of a Subaru Forester limited with the 2.5 engine. I said to myself, to at least check out the CRV Touring, and the RAV 4 limited. What do you think?

  5. I wonder if changes in exterior styling have been subtle. It's way more handsome and attractive looking than the previous generation imo

  6. This looks nothing like the previous model and Canadian models also have the glass roof option available.

  7. One of the best car reviewers out there, straight to the point, funny and explains all the features which are important.

  8. Lousy job from honda:
    – ugly shape, no harmony
    – outdated LCD screens
    – cheap plastic all over
    – no seat ventilation
    – 1.5l engine!

    Japenese cars started to look worse and worse. See lexus with the huge front grill. And no, it is not totally subjective 🙂

  9. This review has so much good information. 1) Real MPG – 375 miles averaging 28 MPG @ 75 mph. I figure my long trips up the Columbia river gorge would yield similar results. 2) Costco – because bags of bark at home depot are too heavy. 3) It did ok when it snowed (I live in Portland). Great review and thanks!

  10. I was excited to drive this SUV, it was high on my list, but I was so disappointed driving it! The cvt is just bad! I couldn't accelerate on the freeway fast enough! Again on paper it sounds like the best, but bad driving it. I ended up taking rdx, just because I didn't want to wait for 17 Mazda cx5

  11. tbh if your gonna buy a new car people…why get the base model? might as well step up a trim or two! I know it depends on what you can afford but just a little tiny tip! ?

  12. Honda has been offering backup camera as standard on all models and trims of all their cars since 2013

  13. needs a normal transmission and adjustable rear seats, oh ya and get rid of those hideous wheels, then it's perfect.

  14. why no CD player? They have one in the 2017 RAV4. Seems to be a trend. Nice review, thanks!

  15. I'm trying to decide between the CRV and the Accord. It baffles me why Honda offers the Honda Sensing package on the CRV but you have to add the navigation package to get it on their flagship car, the Accord. Doesn't even come on the EX-L trim package. I really don't get that and it's making me lean toward the CRV, even after driving Accord for 25 years

  16. Considering how well Honda did with the CRV it gives me hope that they will do the same with the RDX. I can hope anyway

  17. Again ugly and boring design from honda. Im not gonna buy boring looking suv ..The nissan 2017 nissan rogue is better looking suv..

  18. Honda did a great job with the remake of the CRV.  I love the silver color on your test model.  Sharp looking crossover.

  19. I don't trust a 1.5 liter engine on a large vehicle even with a turbo. Rather have the 2.4l motor

  20. Damn those rims are horrible. Touring trim but those rims look like the cheap ones from the Mexican rim shop

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