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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Hyundai offers up a triple-threat with the all-new Ioniq. Available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or full electric vehicle, the Ioniq brings some real competition to the Toyota Prius.

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  1. those who dont like this traditional hybrid design sould look at it´s brother with the same powerplant.
    KIA NIRO in very common SUV design.

  2. Prius was good at looks but what happened now? Sneezed while designing it? Ioniq seems a better option now.

  3. I'm looking for electric car reviews and I keep getting hybrids. Who invented the hybrid? According to what I read yesterday, Exxon and Toyota made a hybrid fuel cell/Cressida in '90-'91.

  4. The 2016/17 Prius looks a lot better in person. It's not gorgeous, but striking and I think it looks good. The ioniq is certainly more conservative and "looks like a normal car" which will work for more people, but I think it's kind of boring. The Prius could be considered more "futuristic looking" than the ioniq.

  5. You cannot get a sunroof or heating steering wheel in a Prius. These are available in the Ioniq. Thank you, Hyundai, for listening to us!

  6. I like your professional videos! It would be great if you talked more about the car than simply reciting information that anyone can find, however. Also, full reviews would be great!

  7. Foot operated parking brake, out of date and difficult to use technology. Not mentioned in this review.

    Plastic twist turn fuel filler cap, Capless refuelling like Ford use would have been much better.

    The rest of the car is very modern and good to drive. But why did Hyundai leave out the two important things above that you will use often, it's disappointing.

    Hybrid showed 38 MPG in town, not great.

  8. OH Hyundai what happened to thinking outside the box? Why oh why did you rehash the Prius? I like the scooter that you can get with it though.

  9. Come on. It's February and no reviews from North America. What the heck ?
    Why isn't this on sale yet???????

  10. You should do some videos comparing NEDC rating and real life ratings. That would be interesting and worth watching.
    When are people going to complain about the NEDC rating so that they improve and become more accurate.
    Rating agencies need to be accurate and reliable. When did lying become the norm?
    It is time for people to speak up and demand ratings that reflect real life use and not some contrived test.
    And don't get me started on emissions. People need to be fired or prosecuted for putting out false information.

  11. Ha! People think that because this car looks like a "normal" car it will somehow outsell the Prius… Remember when the Optima was going to outsell the Camry too? This car has no substance, just a copy of the Prius with a more conservative design. Neither are beauty queens, but I will happily take a Prius/Prime for its unique design, and robust power train that CONSTANTLY beats its own EPA averages. Several reviews have pinned this Ionic at almost 10 mpg under its respected average. It's a GREAT alternative, but it's no Prius. Those who want iPhones buy iPhones, regardless of price or missing headphone jack. They don't buy Google Phone just because it's cheaper and has more storage. THATS how the market works. This car may have leather seats and a normal dash (for those who want that), but one huge thing it's lacking that WILL impact sales is perceived quality, something the Prius has in spades as evident by the thousands of units running around NYC as taxis with way north on 100,000 on them.

  12. Finally a car company that has built a desirable Hybrid car.
    Great job Hyundai! attractive euro styling, well equipped, and decent performance and very frugal.

    Toyota you Prius is rubbish and weird looking no sense of style just techy star trek weirdness.

    WE demand more cars like this !

  13. I wonder what innovative car brands Hyundai has stolen this design from. And let me guess, all the ones they didn't copy the Kia brand picked up and copied the rest. Why celebrate incompetence & lazy copycat designers?

  14. these kind of cars are good for European people not Americans.
    gas prices not that much expensive to convince myself to suffer sporty Driving Experience only because of fuel economy

  15. why not give consumer the option of buying more batteries?
    so, stock model comes with 28kwh battery, then let the consumer to get more if they need to in the future.

  16. For some of us its not just about gas prices, its about the fact that it has less shit that needs to be taken care off. Just plug and play most of the time, and once in a long ass while rotate the tires

    With the brake regen those brakes too, should last two years at least

    No oxygen sensors, crank sensors,etc.. check engine light, no power steering leaks, when it has electric steering,etc..

    Not about gas prices

    Also, if anyone needs electric cars its china

  17. I have owned honda's and toyota's exclusively for the last thirty years. I could live with the style of the previous prius even though it wasn't perfect. Now this new prius just beat out the nissan leaf for the ugliest car around. The leaf is pretty ugly on the outside but at least it has a nice interior.

    And from the concept pictures that i am seeing the new leaf will actually be a good looking car in the next generation.
    Someone at Toyota needs to be fired. Great job Hyundai !! i'm ordering the ioniq ev in a couple of weeks.

    Quebec Montreal,

  18. Hi, Can someone help me with the part# for the Engine & Cabin air filters for the Hyundai Ioniq.

  19. 104 hp???? LOL it's just a little faster than a snail. I'm not saying the car has to have 200 horsepower butt at least have around a respectable 150 hp 4 moderate or decent power and acceleration. the new Camry hybrid and Optima Hybrid have around 200 horsepower but still doesn't sacrifice on the gas mileage either. I think the Camry Hybrid gets about an average of 45 MPG in the Optima Hybrid gets about an average of 40 MPG while you still don't sacrifice power and acceleration and the fun Factor while driving. a car Ken get very good gas mileage while at the same time still be at least a little fun to drive. even the Chevy Malibu hybrid gets almost an average of 50 MPG while still being fun to drive. I don't understand why people want this one to be driving around in a golf cart when there are plenty of hybrids out there that still get very good gas mileage but doesn't sacrifice on the Driving Experience

  20. Too bad CR doesn't do on-road emissions testing like the German Auto Club (ADAC) does. They found that the Ioniq and Niro hybrids, like most gasoline direct injection cars, emit excessive CO and particles — 3-4 times the Euro6 limits. The Prius was well below allowed limits. As for fuel consumption, the Ioniq scored 5.1 l/100km, the Niro 5.8 and the Prius 4.1 on ADAC tests. Prius is much greener than the Ioniq hybrid.

  21. but I like the prius "storm trooper console"  hahahaha!  The Ioniq just looks…………..plain.   Like vanilla ice cream plain.  TOO plain.   Just my $0.02

  22. The new Prius is just plain Fugly from any angle. It could be related to the butt ugly Juke  that in-bred with an Aztec?

  23. Opinion: The Hyundai Ioniq is much better looking than the absolutely hideous looking "new" Prius. Reminds me a lot of a Honda Fit.

  24. If you're re buying an electric car because of gas prices your are missing the point. You buy an electric car to never go back to a gas station. To never have to deal with the old world nonsense of a gasoline burning car.

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