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2017 Jaguar XE Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Jaguar XE aims to compete with sport sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes despite the automaker’s lackluster reliability reputation.

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  1. Poor review! Jaguars reliability is equal and often a bit better than it's German rivals, has been for over a decade!
    Interior looks well proportioned, would be nice to see more aluminium trim and satin wood finish on the door cards, but the rest is very classy.

  2. Jag has hit the bullseye, with their suspension investment here – want a posh interior, get a floaty boat, want to recall how BMWs use to drive, get a Jag.

  3. wow this is worst review I ever read all she did was complain about the car. She prob hates jaguars

  4. Next time you make a review, exclude your own opinions because I dont give a shit about them…

  5. As much of a Jaguar fan as I am, she nails it as far as Jag playing it safe compared to other luxury cars in the segment. They brought the brand back to life in '07 with the XF and and new XJ but if they are going to play conservative with the design DNA, Jag will be playing catch up for the next 10 years as Cad, Merc, Bmw blow by Jaguars attempt at "dated conservative luxury".

  6. Say something good about the car instead of just comparing it to it's rivals and saying that you should much rather by their rivals making buyers think that the Jaguar XE is just a plain car nothing special about it.

  7. Consumer Reports is the worst! They want every car they test to be just like a 1993 Lexus LS400.

  8. This review yet again confirms what any driver enthusiast know, Consumer Reports don't know what they are talking about when it comes to what good cars are.

  9. The XE feels a lot roomier than what it's entry level status would have you think.

  10. I love this car can't decide between this or bmw 5 series. I think I like this cause it a little more rare and very affordable for a jaguar

  11. I can't believe this clunky looking little car is the same model as that beautiful, badass looking ride in the commercial.

  12. Im kinda doubting this car is as bad as you're making it seem. As long as its reasonably priced, you shouldn't expect so much of it. Its only $35k.

  13. I don't agree with the size comparison. The F30 3 series is now huge vs. the E90. I actually wish more manufacturers shrink their compact sport sedans than try to steal sales from Camrys and Accords.

  14. lol CR, you just earned getting blocked. You should fire this buffoon. Hope 'the Holy Trinity' paid you well for this 'review'.

  15. I hate "Consumer Reports".  They are easily the most biased (and bought) product info conglomeration in existence.

  16. Unlike many armchair critics here I have poked around and sat in an XE in person – and as she says, it just doesn't feel like quality the way a BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, or even a Lexus IS does. I have not driven one. It probably does drive better – certainly better than an IS – I hope to find out sometime soon. But as a dude, I have to say many of these comments seem to be fixating on her qualifications to review this car more than I would ever expect to see from a male reviewer. I think some of these kids need to check their misogyny.

  17. Agreed!! It looks too boring, nothing spectacular and the inside is boring and cheap as well. I am trying to like it and get one, but no, it does look too ordinary.

    You get a Jaguar to look better than other people car choices … not to be behind them.

  18. ur probably right dude but I'm so tired of the same shit. the xe brings something new to the luxury market jags just have a lively spirit that you don't get with the German counterparts

  19. Jaguar XE picks up where the E36 3 series left off. Crisp clean styling, great driving dynamics, and driver focused interior.

  20. You praise the Merc's wood and chrome? Have we jumped back to 1972? The Merc is hideous inside and out.

  21. I really like my 2017 Jaguar XE R-Sport however, the InControl Touch Pro system is very erratic and often plagued with computer hardware and software problems. The base model is far superior and has fewer issues.

  22. She's such a useless and biased reviewer. She's got it wrong on so many levels. I do agree the Merc is more posh but it's also more expensive and maintenance and parts are more expensive. The beemer is so prone to breakdowns that mechanics offer encourage you to sell it off when it's nearing 5 years. The jag on the other hand loses out in terms of luxury but wins hands down in terms of handling and fun.

  23. Great report. CR has the data and resources to compare to other models to back this review. To be subjective, requires knowledge of other brands. Unless you've driven all comparable cars, I would trust this review.

  24. I’ll give you that the interior is rather bland although there are some nice details, but i’m sorry, the exterior isn’t in any case ordinary, it’s stunning, plus because it’s a JAAAAG it will stand out unlike a 3 series which is about as ubiquitous as a golf

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