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2017 Kia Niro Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The all-new Kia Niro is trying to break the Toyota Prius’ dominant position in the hybrid market. With a lower starting price than the Prius, the Niro has high hopes of becoming a top fuel economy contender.

For more on the cars mentioned in this video:

2016 Toyota Prius Quick Drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GwUY0-gB0Q

Toyota Prius Gets Record-Setting 52 MPG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii9oBcRCoLU

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  1. Come on, Simpsons fans, you know what you get when you say Kia Niro 3 times fast!!!!!!! Can you name the truck with front-wheel drive, smells like a steak (with optional leather), & seats only 5?!!!!!

  2. Mini-SUV are all the rage so the Niro can score some points here, especially considering its low entry price & hybrid powertrain to go along with the package. The obvious drawback here is lack of AWD; not a surprise as the Niro is related to the Ioniq which is more economy hatchback than actual SUV.

  3. I think "nondescript" accurately captures the first impression one gets when seeing the Niro in person. I saw it at the 2017 NY Auto Show and was not impressed. That being said, it would make an excellent commuter vehicle or rental.

  4. Yesterday I test drove a Kia Niro LX and while the design, fit/finish weren't nearly as nice as economy cars from other brands, the driving dynamics were pretty nice for a hybrid – at least in sport mode. Otherwise throttle response was very sluggish. Brakes didn't feel regenerative and overall it didn't look and drive like a Prius. Handling and noise isolation weren't as good as I wanted, but given the space and cheap price for a hybrid, it wasn't a dealbreaker. Though it's styled to look like a fwd crossover, it's really just a tall wagon/hatchback and smaller in person than expected. Ergonomics, comfort, and sightlines were still good overall. One big turnoff though… The Kia dealer flat out lied to us when we asked what month the PHEV version would arrive and he said Kia wasn't building one – when even the Kia website said it would absolutely coming later this year. He also said you couldn't add a "tech package" to the LX trim when the website clearly let you build one. He was just trying to sell what was on the lot that day.

  5. Would absolutely consider that while I wouldn't be caught dead in a Prius (aka – the motorized doorstop).

  6. Sorry, I think Kia/Hyundai are getting better but right now I'm going to stick with more reliable Japanese cars.

  7. To me the front (mainly headlights) looks like the Kigan AWD from watchdogs 2 :/

  8. Completely biased towards the big boy Toyota. Review lacks any real information. Didn't even give any credit for Kia 's bold decision to go with an actual 6 speed transmission with Dual Clutch for those who care about Driving experience, character and thrill instead of the boring and much cheaper CVT. It looked like even before getting behind the feel this guy had decided that this car was inferior to his beloved Toyota. He just couldn't ignore the features( blind spot monitoring etc) that were right in his face which is why he even mentioned them. Totally erases any ounce of integrity that Consumer Reports had in my eyes. Please hire people who actually know cars.

  9. 0-60 in what? A leisurely 10 seconds or so? No thanks to these under-powered lifeless conveyance machines. You can have fun with a car, get better MPG than econo cars of 5 years ago and have an engaging drive without breaking the bank and do it

  10. Lost me on the not fun to drive. I owned a Prius V and the only good things I can say about is that I got 42 mpg and the cargo space was good. Other than that I was more than happy to turn it in. My current Niro LX averages 49-50 mpg. It's drivability is far superior to the Prius. Did you try the sport mode???

  11. I own a Kia Niro. Love it! Average 50 MPG so far, and as high as 57 MPG. It has a ton of space in the back, you can fit a full size bike when the seats are down. Can't recommend it enough.

  12. Having a hard time finding a used Niro with safety features. Even the 2017 Toyota Yaris ia has emergency braking. Wtf?

  13. Not a fan of the styling, but it is still a beauty-queen compared to the various Prius abominations. This is the sort of sensible vehicle you could buy & just drive through the car wash every few monthss because the styling is bland, generic & uninspired anyway (no need to spend personal time hand washing & detailing it). That can actually be a good thing though, depending on how you look at it.

  14. CR has lost credibility here with their reporting on the Niro. My 2017 Niro has been flawless over 16k miles and one year of ownership. Kia has a winner here fellas.

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