Home Car Review 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S review – is new 740hp supercar a match for the McLaren 720S? | Autocar

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S review – is new 740hp supercar a match for the McLaren 720S? | Autocar


Lamborghini has heavily upgraded its Aventador supercar, with revised aerodynamics and a revamped V12 engine that now produces 730bhp and 509 lb ft of torque. Subscribe now: http://smarturl.it/autocar

But do those revisions make the Aventador S a match for supercar rivals such as the McLaren 720S and the Ferrari 488GTB?

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  1. i think in character the 720S is not even a match to the Aventador. Lamborghini is so good in creating drama in their cars .in performance wise I think the Aventador is to old compared to the 720S. however if you combined the two cars, you would have a 812 Superfast right ?…. all 3 are Insane and beautiful afterall.

  2. I take aventador over 720s. I dont care if 720s is faster, all i care is the thrill, drama, and sensation of driving a v12 beast.

  3. I have one and it is crap. I will be selling soon. I only enjoy looking at the beautiful bodywork. Driving it is Hell!!

  4. Anyone else think the single clutch is INTEGRAL to the Aventador? It gives it that drama in the gear shifts that a dual clutch just doesn't supply. The shift are "too good." That slight pause between shifts, that jolting hesitation in the note is what gives the Aventador its soundtrack. Why would you want to take that away from it?

  5. Ferrari F12 being the only V12 competitor, it's not even close. but i understand some drivers wanna be more low key stealth.
    the 720s rivals 488, 911 & Huracan..small go karts..imo too small for city streets.
    Now if we could have 720s looks and tech, in the same hypercar size as the Aventador, that would be competitive..but even then.

  6. i really don't like turbo lag acceleration..it's so unpredictable. it goes when it feels like it, not when my foot says so. N/A V12 is boss.

  7. i love the weight & size..it's subjective, but lighter isn't better. maybe for the track, but on city streets, you want some hefty physics just in case. look who shares the road with you.
    but good, let them all go for the flyweight 720, 911, Huracan..lighter weight is a money saving cheat code for more speed, i get it. the big jets are for the rest of us.
    long as lambo is allowed to make V12, that's it. Enzo & Reventon collection. Wraith & Cullinan passenger..that's it.

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