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2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport review | What Car?


The Discovery Sport is Land Rover’s SUV rival for the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 – but is it every bit as luxurious and capable as its German counterparts? Visit http://bit.ly/2zMnEYu to see how much we can save you on a new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

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  1. Come on Rebecca, please test these SUVs off-road as well, my Freelander 2 spends25% of its life in the bush and mud. I can't replace it with a softer SUV, is this one better than its predecessor?

  2. LOL! She is tiny! can you imagine her trying to park this? Women do not have the same sense of special awareness that men have as it has developed over hundreds of thousands of years through hunting skills. You don't really need these skills to raise children, which is why women make better negotiators and politicians, but they can't drive. They also have much slower reflexes and obviously are half the physical strength of a man, and less adrenaline response so they will struggle in high stress situations needing rapid response. That's why so many accidents are caused by women.

  3. I hope this vehicle has a dashboard slot for a full range makeup rack, so she can reapply while driving, and it has a plug for her hairdryer?

  4. Even as a privilege customer I wouldn't pay the extra couple of grand for 60 odd BHP..180bhp spec HSE Sport Black was brilliant to drive (last weekend)..

  5. Nice car, expensive once you add a few options in Australia.

    P.S. God I can stare at her face and listen to her talking all day long.

  6. Very disappointed when I went to see this car at a dealership….the internal build quality and materials used were not what I would expect from a car of this price.

  7. Does anybody knows the reliability of Land Rover/Range Rover since being taken over by Jaguar? I know that under the previous owner it was terrible..

  8. Cars a bag of shite , orange engine light on dealer can’t fix, only good thing is the racing bird who can’t pronounce her r,s

  9. you do such a fine job, on all your vid's, and your voice is sooo beautiful–it's very very remarkable, I think–a true performance voice.

  10. Unfortunately, I am seriously disappointed with this vehicle. The build quality is amazingly bad and looks very cheap. I've been driving this vehicle for three years now, I've bought it again and I'm constantly experiencing problems that in short are as follows: the interior panel knocks, rattles and creaks the entire interior, the panel is extremely badly clipped. Kofferaumverkleidung velvet handle suddenly in hands, front fender not properly engaged, error messages on the conveyor belt of the Lamdasonde – thereby unannounced loss of power – fire dangerous !!!, continues with water entering the rear lights right, the xenon flickers unmotivated and irregular, the Navi sets exactly if you need it, etc. etc. All in all, I could at the price of such a desolate, misconstructed, quite cheap and overpriced (58,000 euros!) Land Rover equal to three Dacia Duster with the luxury equipment to buy. I will certainly not repeat such a mistake!

  11. Here in the states, Land Rover is a mechanical nightmare. Once you buy one of these lemons, just leave your credit card at the dealer. If you check the lists of most unreliable vehicles, Land Rover will ALWAYS be listed. Many years ago we bought a Land Rover as a company auto for an executive. It took us months to get it returned under the NYS lemon laws. It seems they put in a General Motors engine that was under powered. Of course no one was told about it up front. It amazes me how people buy these things with all the information about them available on the internet. Go figure.

  12. This channel name is perfect because when Rebecca is on screen I always go like, "Car? What car?!"

  13. Nice marketing review for LR. Now the truth. Based on google search this : The Discovery Sport isn't a reliable car. At least, not according to the latest What Car? Reliability Survey. Owners derided their Discovery Sports for a litany of faults, giving it an overall score of just 43.8%, which leaves it languishing in 25th place out of the 27 large SUVs included in the survey. Now for a taste of real ownership reviews based on google search. Problems such as engine blowing up after 2 months, windows not working, tailgate not working, infotainment system faulty, interior rattling everywhere, cheap interior, plastic trims falling off, Warning lights come on off intermittently, rated fuel economy no where near LR claims, and the list goes on and on. All anyone can say here is nice review rebecca. what a joke

  14. Anyone looking into buying Discovery


    Please be aware of the build quality
    of this as I learned the hard way…


    I bought approved used Discovery
    Sports HSE LUX and was disappointed with the build quality of my car as it has
    many issues but the biggest of all is the rust (as this also known as car

    In my childhood I have lost a bike to
    this (rust) and was painful, now looks like my dream car Discover sports will
    be lost to this too…


    The list is huge, but the highlights
    are as below: –

    1. Engine Oil dilution after 4 months
    of the purchase of my car.

    2. Real MPG of the car is 50% less
    than the claim by land rover.

    3. Radio reception is so poor that
    looks like they forgot to connect the antenna.

    4. The suspension feels like
    non-existing with 20” wheels fitted by land rover.

    5. Rubber seals around the doors have
    gaps in them.

    6. Visible black paintwork coming off
    the exhaust system.

    7. Poor pant used on the wheels as
    the flakes are coming off there too.

    8. AdBlue does not last the service


    Thanks to the extremely poor
    materials used for this car so far, the heat shield has fallen off the bottom
    of my car luckily no one was behind us so no injuries in this incident but it’s
    extremely dangerous for the other road users driving behind land rovers as you
    never know what may fall off.

    I have been to land rover garage but
    none of the above is covered under warranty!


    So be aware of the issues before you buy
    this car. I am in the process of creating a video showing all the known flaws
    in my discovery sports which may be relevant to other cars.

  15. Review done like a true woman. Focused on everything that doesn’t matter. Blind spot caused by cushions? Armrest too far back? Lmao

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