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2017 Lincoln Continental – First Look


Can a front-drive-based sedan compete in a luxury arena dominated by rear-drive designs with prestige nameplates? Join KBB’s Micah Muzio to find out.

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  1. How many videos can KBB make of the Continental?
    1. New York Auto Show Concept
    2. Detroit Auto Show Production
    3. First Look
    4. Full Review

  2. I'm a closet fanboy of your reviews, and not ashamed to admit it here in good company. Your reviews remind me of 80s and early 90s Top Gear, only more modern, and with better attitude and weather. With this latest review you are truly spoiling us. KBB will do well to retain you, but my fortune cookie says your own car bros tv show is in the tea leaves!

  3. The new Continental​ is a great car but…..no RWD and V8? That's a bit disappointing.

  4. I've been a car critic for a long time and I can honestly say I'm pleasantly surprised with this car! good looking exterior & interior.. keep taking steps like this in the right direction Lincoln and good things will happen

  5. 80 thousand dollars for a fukn Lincoln   hey while I'm at it how about I go pay 5 grand for a fukn ps4 pro.

  6. It looks good but i see copypasta everywhere, i want originality if im spending money on a luxury… taillights are porsche, headlights are blatant Acura JewelEye copy, Jaguar grill etc

  7. I feel sorry for the stucker whos gonna spend 80k$ and think he got a good deal, especially, this over an Audi A8, LEXUS LS500 and BMW 7er

  8. I don't like it. It looks like british car not american. I'm an european but i love american cars. You should make them look american again. Don't look at european or japanese cars!

  9. it's a great car and for the money it's unbelievable! !!
    the advanced technology in this car is above 120 grand benz actually there really isn't any other car out there with this technology other then a tesla .. do your research on the car before comments b from the sound deadening to sent just things that aren't in cars yet

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