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2017 Lincoln MKZ Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


With a hushed cabin and refined ride, the Lincoln MKZ shines as a luxury sedan. Surprisingly, you can get the efficient hybrid version for the same price as the regular MKZ. Revisions include a more intuitive infotainment system. Learn more about the 2017 Lincoln MKZ in our first drive: http://www.consumerreports.org/sedans/2017-lincoln-mkz-first-drive-review/

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  1. Looking at a Premiere Hybrid. the lowest priced version available. Plenty nice with reasonable gas mileage too, although it falls short of the Fusion Hybrid since it uses regular all-season tires and not the lower rolling resistance tires of the Fusion cousin. Won't consider any other model; the 2.0H has enough power for this current Prius driver.

  2. Oh no! I'll have trouble finding the button that shuts the trunk? How about take the fucking 1 second and use your hand to shut it? Consumer reports are a bunch of cry babies.

  3. I wear boots too… when I wear a leather kilt at a gay bear convention… if you wear boots, the foot room in any car  is going to be different than if one wore a simple pair of tennis shoes.  I can drive a '73 chevy 3 on the tree in boots…  YA think I could do that in a Cruze or a Focus???  This is a one of those whacky things that Lincoln puts out  from time to time… a 400hp lead sled. enjoy it, and stop trying to analyze it.

  4. absolutely garbage. the interior architecture is ripped right off the fusion, the switch gear is just lower end ford switch gear, the material quality is more comparable to Acura and Buick than it is Cadillac and Lexus. this simply falls short of anything from Lexus or Cadillac. its not a luxury car is a premium car.

  5. 3/2/17, Naaaaaaaaw. I have a 2015 (purchased new) Ford Taurus LTD/AWD, sunroof—$38,800. Linc is just a hi-priced Ford.

  6. Hard to see over the hood..tight foot well..cramped front seats..low windows..high package shelf. These are details no other reviewers mention..so I appreciate it being stated here. And these are details that make me no longer consider this car for a future purchase.

  7. I do like how you can either choose between getting the hybrid or the non hybrid model without a price difference. Quite interesting.

  8. if you buy this car than you haven't done your homework , in my eyes theres only one midsize american luxury car and thats the cts…

  9. Dead wrong on trunk release. My Fusion Platinum is virtually identical and when you own one, you know exactly where the button is. That said, I’m shocked that my AWD Platinum has every safety and convenience feature that is optional on the MKZ. Not a luxury car without the optional features.

  10. The push button tranny is very simple to use, the trunk release button is there only as an option, the key fob is an alternate way, the high deck in the rear is on every—— single—— car within the past 20 years, maybe more, the side windshield post is not a real problem, just move your head 1 millionth of an inch to the right or left and Voila!. I’m 6’2 and the seats are brilliantly wide even with the center consoles we can’t seem to get away from. And yes, some poor shnook took the depreciation, and I got a drop dead gorgeous luxury car, German cars are dead to me . Same luxury, quality, reliability for a fraction of the cost.

  11. It's so silly to compare BMW 3 with Lincoln MKZ. MKZ is class E and 3 serie is class D. Learn more international classification.

  12. The MKZ is an awesome car bar none. Love ours. 4yrs issue free! Getting a '19 MKZ 3.0T AWD.

  13. Dear god, what nitpicking. "Good luck finding the trunk button". Why? Does it somehow relocate itself to a different part of the car after each use? Because that's the only way I can envision the button placement being a "problem".

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